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Miele vacuum reviews

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Miele is a premier well-known brand, having over 20 years of vacuum cleaning machine production. Despite Miele vacuum cleaners are quite expensive, they have a large fan base in the UK, EU and thousand households in the US too. Let’s review Miele vacuum cleaners and discover what are the best benefits and Miele technologies using in their vacuum machine.

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Highlighting Facts About Miele Vacuum

  1. This Brand Is The First Producer Of HEPA Filter That Was Certified.

    ​HEPA filter is now an important feature of any vacuum. This type of filter is capable to capture up to 99.97% of dust and allergen. Today, HEPA filter is applied by all of the popular brands you can name like Dyson, Shark, Hoover, Bissell, Eureka…

    miele vacuum reviews
    image credit: Miele website
  2. Miele Is The Rare Brand That Uses Vortex Technology To Create Suction.

    ​The vortex technology create an airflow of more than 100km/h, ensuring a high throughput cleaning without leaving fine dust on the floor and separating the fine dust from larger debris for easy cleaning and protecting the machine motor and filter. You can see this video for more explanation about Miele vortex technology.

  3.  Miele Uses 2 Motors In The Upright Vacuum Units

    Most of the brands uses one motor to create the suction power for an upright vacuum, Miele applies 2 motors – one for suction and another at the brush for more air agitation

  4. Miele Vacuum Cleaners Go Through Many Testing Steps Before Sending Out Of The Factory

    “Miele vacuum cleaners are put through 16,500 jam and threshold tests, proving their casings and swivel castors are built for durability. Motor endurance is tested through repeatedly switching the vacuum on and off. The floorhead covers a distance of 2,000km on various surfaces and climbs a carpet-covered door threshold 60,000 times”. – from Miele website

    With serious testing like this, a vacuum cleaner from Miele has a very long warranty time (often 7 years) and their life span could be above 20 years

Why Users Love To Choose Miele Vacuum Even It Is Pricey

  • Miele vacuum has powerful suction

    By using vortex technology plus 2 motors design, many canister units of this brand can create an airflow of over 150 CFM

  • Miele vacuum is very quiet

    A lot of Miele vacuum unit has sound silent technology, which create the noise level in the range of 50-70 dB, lower than most of the standard units from other brands.

  • The filtration is sealed air system/ HEPA standard

    Apart from using HEPA filtration, Miele also uses charcoal filter (called ActiveClean filter) to reduce the odor and it is a great addition for home with pets (this feature varies from models to models).

  • German quality

    ​If you want to use a vacuum for over 15+ years without defect then Miele vacuum can be a nice option.

  • Convenience

    The vacuum is optimized in many details from the comfortable handle, the retractable wind, the swivel castor, operation radius, locking system, spot light system, jam prevention system and more…to make the users more comfortable and enjoy the cleaning also to maintain the machine quality for over decades.

  • Sleek design

    The unit is compact, has beautiful color and rigid components..

  • Designed for individual need

    Miele has a wide range of unit which is specialized for each cleaning situation. You can choose a specific model to fit with your home.

Disadvantage Of Miele Vacuum

  • Expensive

    The most of Miele vacuum units are manufactured in Germany and they are examined before sending out of the factory, therefore, the build-up cost for each unit is higher. For this reason, the cheapest Miele canister unit is about 300 range.

  • Some models are manufactured in China to cut down the price

    Miele does have some models made in China (for example, Miele C1 Pure Suction) which is cheaper (at 300 range) but users realize they are not well-constructed as those made from Germany (it does not have sound silent technology, comfort handle and only has basic tools). Therefore, you may pick a Miele unit with a cheaper price, and you also have to compromise for the convenience and filtration system.

  • Maintenance cost for HEPA filter and Activeclean filter (charcoal)

    To achieve the highest performance on dust filtration, it is recommended that you should replace the HEPA filter once a year and it can cost about 20 bucks.

Best Miele Vacuum Cleaner Models



Great for


Miele Classic C1 Olympus

  • Type: Canister C1
  • Most popular choice -made in Germany
  • Affordable
  • has HEPA + Activeclean filter

Low Pile Carpets
Area Rugs
Hard Floors

Miele Dynamic U1 Cat And Dog

  • Type: Upright
  • Most popular choice- made in Germany
  • Affordable
  • Additional HEPA Included

All Surface Types

Complete C3 Alize

  • Type: Canister C3
  • made in Germany
  • Lightest weight
  • Most satisfaction unit

Great If You Have Pets.

Easy Pet Debris Pickup.

Miele Vacuum Product Lines

Miele has 4 types of vacuum cleaners includes

Canister Design

Miele Classic (C1) – Made In Germany

Miele Classic is the entry level canister vacuum, designed for simple cleaning of bare floors and low pile carpets. This series is featured by the simplicity, durability, low price and great versatility. There are two popular models

  • Miele C1 classic Dog and cat
  • Miele C1 classic Home care Powerline

The main difference between 2 models is that the C1 Home care Powerline has HEPA filter and charcoal filter (so-called Activeclean filter), and the other unit uses HEPA filter only. Besides, they also have different additional tools

Miele C1 classic Dog and cat tools: Upholstery tool, Crevice tool, Dusting brush with synthetic bristles, Small Parquet Floorhead SBB Parquet-3, Flexible Handheld Mini Turbo Brush STB 20, Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228

Miele C1 classic Home care Powerline tools: Upholstery tool, Crevice tool, Extended Flexible Crevice Tool SFD 20, Dusting brush with synthetic bristles, Adjustable Universal Brush SUB 20, AllTeQ Combination Floorhead SBD 285-3, Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228

Miele Compact C1 And C2 Series (C1 Is Made In China And C2 Is Made In Germany)

Miele Compact is an alternative to Miele C1 when you are looking for a cheaper option. The Miele compact price is much more affordable, ranging from 300 bucks only. These canister units are featured by the compact design (lighter weight and a bit smaller dust bin capacity (3.5 Liters). The filtration system is completely sealed and it uses Activeclean filter (charcoal filter) and optional for using HEPA filter (you can buy the HEPA filter separately to have world-class filtration level). There are 4 typical units

  • Compact C1 Pure Suction PowerLine – cheapest Miele canister vacuum, designed for bare floor and low pile carpet cleaning
  • Compact C1 Turbo Team PowerLine -similar to the Compact C1 Pure Suction PowerLine with the addition of Turbo floorhead for cleaning carpets better. Recommended for bare floor and low pile carpets
  • Compact C1 HomeCare PowerLine – similar to the Compact C1 Pure Suction PowerLine with the addition of a combination floor tool
  • Compact C2 Electro+ PowerLine – the most robust compact version with convenient features such as auto cord rewind, comfort handle, noise reduction technology and this unit has HEPA filter and Activeclean filter

Miele Complete (C3) (Made In Germany)

Miele complete (or so-called C3) series is the most dynamic canister line, with over 9 different models. The Miele C3 is a refresh of Miele C1, by retaining the best features and adding ergonomic values for more convenience such as replacing the rotary selector for speed setting by footswitches +/- with illuminated indicator, adding one-touch automatic cord rewind, gentle caster wheels, all-round bumper strip, dusting brush with natural bristle for gently cleaning delicate surfaces like frame or computer monitor. Depending on the model, Miele complete unit price can vary from over 600 bucks to 1000 bucks.

Stick Vacuum

Miele Swing is the only stick vacuum from Miele. It is a corded upright stick unit (a universal design similar with many other brands) with a powerful motor (up to 1000W), large dust bin (2.5 Liters) and it uses Activeclean filter for dust capture.

Full-Size Upright Design

Miele Dynamic U1 is Miele main upright series. The Miele full-size upright vacuum is featured by XL dust bin (6 liters), powerful motor (1200W), 4 suction levels and other ergonomic values. There are 4 models:

  • Dynamic U1 Maverick – with handle controls and electrobrush for the greatest demands.
  • Dynamic U1 Jazz – with integrated electrobrush and LED lighting for the highest standards.
  • Dynamic U1 Cat&Dog – With turbobrush and odor filter; ideal for pet lovers.
  • Dynamic U1 HomeCare – with HEPA filter for the greatest Filtration demands.

Compare Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Difference Between Miele Compact And Classic (C2 Vs C1)

Gentle-start Motor

Miele Classic C1

Air clean sealed system

Miele Compact C2


  • Machine size, weight, and dust bin capacity
    The Classic is bigger, heavier and have a larger dust bin size
  • Filtration system
    The compact series use 100% sealed air filtration system with optional for adding HEPA filtration
  • The classic series is quieter due to the use of noise reduction technology
  • Price
    The compact series is cheaper

Difference Between Miele Compact And Complete (C2 Vs C3)

Automatic speed setting

Miele Complete C3

Air clean sealed system

Miele Compact C2


  • Machine size, weight, and dust bin
    The Miele Complete C3 is heavier and has larger dust bin
  • Filtration system
    The Miele Complete C3 applies HEPA filtration for the whole series, while the C2 is optional
  • The Miele Complete C3 can cover from bare floor to high pile carpet
  • Suction level control
    C3 is controlled via a pedal, C2 is controlled via a switch
  • Price
    C3 is more expensive than C2


Miele vacuum cleaner is recommended for users who are looking for a high-end quality machine with powerful suction, dynamic control and convenience, great durability for 20+ years and low maintenance. With these qualities, it is a great gift idea for the woman who does not have much technical knowledge, seniors who love the German quality and even kids who can use the machine with only 5-minute instruction.

Gentle-start Motor

Miele Classic C1

Air clean sealed system

Miele Compact C2

Automatic speed setting

Miele Complete C3

Top Editor's Choice on Miele Vacuum

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