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Best vacuum for tile, hardwood, laminate and bare floors in 2019

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What Is The Best Vacuum For Tile Floors ?

In the definitive guide for finding the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors, we will present to you how to clean the tiles effectively with a suitable vacuum cleaner because every home has different flooring surfaces and cleaning routine.

How To Choose Vacuum For Tile – Quick Buying Tips

In the definitive guide for finding the best vacuum cleaner for tile floors, we will present to you how to clean the tiles effectively with a suitable vacuum cleaner because every home has different flooring surfaces and cleaning routine.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Tile – Short List In 2019





Bissell Cleanview with OnePass

full-size upright

  • most popular upright on the market
  • cheap
  • strong suction power
  • HEPA
  • large dustbin

Eureka Pet lover mighty Mite 3684F


  • one of the most popular canister
  • cheap
  • strong suction
  • lightweight
  • automatic retract cord

Shark Navigator NV356E

full-size upright

  • Shark most popular upright unit
  • affordable
  • full features
  • powerful suction
  • HEPA
  • fingertips
  • lift-away canister
  • turbo tool

Hoover REACT pet cordless

cordless stick

  • Hoover latest cordless unit which resembles Dyson V7

Dyson V8

cordless stick

  • Dyson most advanced cordless unit

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

full-size upright

  • One of Dyson most advanced upright units
  • affordable price

Housmile robot vacuum

robot vacuum

  • cheap
  • long run time
  • strong suction
  • designed for bare floors
  • highly rated from consumers

Roomba 690

robot vacuum

  • affordable
  • long run time
  • wifi connection
  • for bare floor and low pile carpets

When You Need Model At Low Budget

Several vacuum cleaners under 100 range are very efficient for bare floor cleaning.

If you home is covered mostly by flat tile surfaces, then you do not actually need a high price unit with a lot of advanced features like variable suction control, sensors or so.

A classic model with powerful suction and ergonomic design will be able to take care for your floor. There are a few factors you should look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner at low price for tile floor and hard floor including:

  • Strong suction power

    No matter it is corded or cordless design, you should choose the model with strong suction level to pick up all of the fine dust on the floor.

  • Big dust bin

    As you need to vacuum the whole floor therefore you should need a unit with standard dust bin size (preferred above 1 Gallon). The bigger the dust bin, the less time you need to empty it during vacuum.

    You should notice the dust bin size and machine weight is reciprocal therefore you should think of the machine weight that you can handle without being tired for long using time.

  • Beater bar or not

    Because the beater is designed to pick up pet hair or debris on carpets and rugs, a vacuum cleaner for tile floor does not really need the beater bar.

    Therefore, if you do not have carpets then it is recommended to pick a model without the beater bar, or, a vacuum cleaner with beater bar that has on/off feature (so that you can turn it off for tile cleaning, and turn on for carpet cleaning)

  • Filtration system

    Most of the vacuum cleaners at low budget use foam filters (washable, replaceable and cheap) for dust capture.

    If you do not have pet or allergy then a foam filtration system is sufficient already. However, if you have dog, cat or you are allergy sufferers, you should looking for a unit with close HEPA style filtration or a standard HEPA filter.

  • Design

    There can be a canister, upright, robot vacuum, stick with cord or cordless design. Each unit will have different advantages. Think of your home surfaces to pick the most suitable one.

    For example, if you have large flat tiles area only then a robot vacuum cleaner will bring you more freedom or if you have many rooms with tiles and stairs, then a corded upright unit with onboard hand tools will give you more cleaning power.

    If you have a lot of furniture, a canister or a 2-in-1 stick unit will be more portable.

  • Brand

    Choose trustworthy brands that offer affordable units which have high ratings from consumers so you don’t need to risk your money. There are quite a few famous brands like Bissell, Hoover, Dirt Devil that offer such low-cost machine with a decent performance.

Recommended vacuum cleaner for tiles floor under $100

Bissell Cleanview with OnePass Technology (most popular upright vacuum cleaner on the market, under $100 range, chosen by over ten thousand users, bagless, corded, HEPA, most popular upright unit)

Eureka Pet lover mighty Mite (bagged, corded, HEPA, most popular canister)

NO carpet boost feature

Bissell Cleanview with OnePass Technology

NO carpet boost feature

Eureka Pet lover mighty Mite

When You Have Pets

When dealing with picking up pet hairs and messes, you should look for the following standards

  • HEPA filtration – HEPA filtration is highly recommended because when you have dog and cat, the hair and pet dead skins are great allergies. A model with close HEPA style filter or HEPA filtration will ultimately prevent the allergies to escape the dustbin.

  • Tangle-free brush head – If you choose a unit without the beater bar, then you will not need much to care about the brush roll. However, if you want a beater bar vacuum cleaner then you might examine if the bristle bar is tangle-free or not.

  • A beater bar with tangle-free design is recommended because it will not clog the bristle and the motor, thus ensure the machine quality for a long time.

  • Price – price is a very crucial factor. A higher price unit often comes with more features and longer warranty and vice versa.

Recommended unit when you are dealing with tiles, bare floors and pet hairs are

  • Shark Navigator NV356E (inexpensive, most popular choice when dealing with pet hairs and flexible on many surfaces. Ergonomic design, easy swivel, HEPA, upright corded lightweight unit, Shark most popular and highly rated model)
  • Dyson V8 (the most premium with full package features)

Inexpensive, Most popular choice

Shark Navigator NV356E

If You Have To Clean Bare Floors, Thick Carpets

If your home has tiles, ceramics, carpets (from low-pile to plush style), pets, long hair and more, then you might need to pick up the model designed for whole-home cleaning.

These models are featured by strong suction power, XL dust bin capacity, great filtration system (preferred HEPA filter and sealed air system), good swivel head, a dynamic brush head design (adjustable height, tangle-free), variable suction features…

The most popular choice is Shark Navigator 356E.

If You Need A Canister Design

A canister vacuum for cleaning tiles is a wise option because it gives you more portability and easy to use and storage.

A great canister unit for tile cleaning will have massive airflow and suction, high-quality telescopic wand, long cord, great filtration system (bag/ bagless are optional), a lot of tools, quiet when running and long warranty time.

Recommended models

  • Dyson cinetic big ball (most powerful, premium with full features, pricey)
  • Eureka Pet lover mighty Mite 3684F ( powerful suction, cheap price, HEPA filtration, popular among pet owners)

If You Need A Lightweight Option

A cordless stick unit with 2-in-1 feature (handheld/upright) will be your matching option.

The cordless feature allows you to maneuver around the home and the upright feature lets you clean your tile, wooden floor seamlessly. A great cordless stick unit should have strong suction, long run time, lightweight and smooth swivel steering control.

Depending on the brand and the additional features, a cordless stick unit can range from as low as only 50 bucks (often can only run for 10-15 minutes) or up to over 400 bucks (the most premium unit with massive suction and great ergonomic value).

If You Need A Robot Vac For Bare Floors

A robot vacuum cleaner will be your great worker. There are quite a lot of brands and great units for automatic floor cleaning such as Roomba, Robovac, Eufy, Housmile, ILIFE…

Because most of the robotic vacuum cleaners vary in advanced features more than suction power and cleaning routine, therefore a low budget, well constructed robotic unit with long run time is efficient for tile cleaning.

One important factor you should notice is that most of the low price models do not have wifi connection, therefore, depending on your demand, you may pick a unit without wifi to cut the cost down to only around 100 bucks or to have scheduled cleaning while you are away with a wifi enabled unit with above 250 range.

Recommended robot vacuum for tile floors

  • Deebot N79S
  • Roomba 690

Top-Rated Model Reviews

1. Bissell Cleanview With OnePass Technology 

Bissell Cleanview stands as No.1 upright, corded vacuum cleaner (most popular with over 11 thousands feedback, high rating and cheap) for a lot of reasons. This unit has a massive suction power, XL dirt tank with a close HEPA style filtration and odor filter. The best part of this unit is that it is incredibly cheap.

Benefits in a glance

  • Massive suction – the combination of a 12 amps motor and cyclonic system allows this unit to have the powerful suction level comparable to expensive rivals.
  • Good filtration system – the unit has pre-motor filters, a post-motor filter and an odor filter which can capture most of the allergen and reduce bad smell (this is not a HEPA but it is close to HEPA standard)
  • Large dustbin – 2.2 L
  • Big cleaning path width – up to 13.5’’ so you can clean faster
  • Particularly the unit has Onepass technology (the unique design of the brush for cleaning entirely the area with the first cleaning pass)

The downside of this unit is that the head is not a swivel design.


Bissell Cleanview is a perfect choice for those who need nothing else but a powerful, reliable vacuum cleaner for tile floors at the cheap price without the need of fancy features.

2. Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite 3684F 

Eureka Pet lover mighty Mite 3684F is a low price canister unit which is very popular among pet owners who have the tile floor, hardwood floor at home. The best of this “small-but-mighty” canister machine is that it has a powerful suction level (12 amps motor rating), a HEPA filtration system, a telescopic wand for maximal reach up to 55 ft and it is pretty cheap under 100 range.

Benefits in a glance

  • Massive suction – the motor is 12 amps rating which is the best standard for a canister unit.
  • Recommended for pet owners and allergy sufferers – a HEPA filtration will capture the dust size down to 0.3 microns
  • Lightweight -only 8.6 lbs
  • A lot of tools – there are “Pet Power Paw” tool, crevice tool and combination brush/upholstery tool for cleaning from bare floors, stairs, upholstery to area rugs
  • Convert into a blower – this is very useful for garage cleaning, mattress cleaning

The downside of this unit is that it does not have places for accessories storage, does not have a shoulder strap and does not have automatic cord retract feature.


Eureka Pet lover mighty Mite 3684F is a highly recommended canister version for cleaning tile floors and pet hair at the low price. This is a rarely reliable canister unit that has HEPA at such cheap price. Despite it misses a few nice features like storage bag, shoulder strap the machine is still the best option if you are on a tight budget.

3. Shark Navigator NV356E 

Shark Navigator 356E is one of the best vacuum cleaners for all-purpose cleaning. The greatness of this model brings about a lot of records such as

  • One of the most popular choice with about ten thousand feedback
  • The upright unit with the highest rating among many brands
  • The sweet-pot by the combination of low price, strong suction power, adjustable brushroll, HEPA filtration, big dust bin (2.2 Dry Quarts), lightweight, multiple surfaces cleaning, well constructed and durable.

Benefits of Shark Navigator 356E in a glance

  • Cheap price – the unit gives similar performance to Dyson rival but it is just about 1/3 in price
  • Excellent suction power – it pulls out ground-in dirt and embedded pet hair on high pile carpets without losing suction
  • Easy to use
  • Super large dust cup – size 2.2 Dry quart and it is very easy to empty
  • HEPA filtration system – recommended for allergy person
  • Long cord -30 ft which are longer than many popular upright units (about 25 ft)
  • Lightweight – only 13.7 lbs
  • Lift-away feature – you can remove the canister from the upright stick for cleaning under furniture
  • Bagless – no more costly bag
  • Smooth swivel head – reduce your wrist pain
  • Brushroll/ beater bar shut off – the brush roller can be shut off so you can clean tiles, hard floors easily
  • Variable suction power – this is very useful when cleaning area rugs and delicate rugs
  • Turbo tool for pet hair removal – a premium addition for easily removes pet fur from furniture, stairs, mattress, and auto detailing jobs

The minor downside of Shark Navigator 356E is that it tends to tip over when standing on itself.


Shark Navigator 356E combine the balance of a premium upright unit with affordable price for whole-home cleaning. While there are so many new released models in 2017 from Shark, Dyson, Hoover,…this Shark Navigator 356E is still the most popular option for its reliable performance and huge tracking records.

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