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Hoover Pet Premium carpet cleaner FH51300NC reviews and compared to Hoover Powerscrub Deluxe

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Last update: 16th June 2019


Hoover Pet Premium carpet cleaner FH51300NC is Hoover newest full-size upright carpet cleaner aimed to resolve old stains and pet stains.

In able to remove the worst stain, Hoover FH51300NC applies a new brush head design with a rotating brush roll and a spinscrub brush for 360-degree cleaning.

Because this brush has two-fold cleaning capacity compared to Hoover casual upright model (which only has a spinscrub brush), the old stains and stubborn pet stains can be removed effortlessly.

This design is somehow similar to Shark Duoclean vacuum model (which is also a newly released vacuum for home use).

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Benefits of Hoover Pet Premium carpet cleaner FH51300NC

This FH51300NC is the newest upright model from Hoover, it has the dual brush design which can tackle old stains and pet stains with 2 folding cleaning ability therefore if you have to deal with a lot of spillages, messes and stains or soils, this model can be a good choice.

Hoover Pet Premium FH51300NC dualtech brush

Second, the FH51300NC uses a super large cleaning path width up to 15 inches (a casual upright unit has the cleaning path of 11.25 in or 13 in only). The extended cleaning path width allows cleaning bigger area in shorter time.

Another important feature of an upright model is the water/ rinse selector which lets you wash the carpet with water only without changing the water. This feature is also found on the Hoover Pet Premium FH51300NC (you can see other Hoover best-rated models have the same water/rinse selector such as Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe or Hoover Power Scrub Elite).

The model comes with a complete accessory tool pack for flexible cleaning other places such as upholstery, stair, and car.

Besides these innovative features which you can only found in this Hoover Pet Premium FH51300NC, the unit still have all of the highly rated features from Hoover such as

  • Heated cleaning – this unit uses hot air for faster carpet drying time
  • Clean surge – apply more detergents to the heavy traffic area for better cleaning results
  • Pretreatment kit and onboard tools
  • Auto mixing detergent
  • Motor power 10 amps rating

On the downside, you should realize this model is a bit heavy therefore it is not very maneuverable like Hoover Power Scrub Elite or Deluxe. The model is much more suitable for those looking for a heavy-duty cleaning machine in replace of Bissell Big Green or Rug Doctor Mighty Pro but at a less expense and lower performance.

Comparison of Hoover Pet Premium FH51300NC vs Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150

Because Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150 is the standard “all-in-one” unit, therefore, it will be interesting to compare the newer model with this one. You can see that Hoover Pet Premium FH51300NC has a similar design with Hoover FH50150.

The main differences are about the new brush design and the water tank design.

Hoover Pet Premium FH51300NC has new brush design (dual-tech cleaning system) while Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe only has the spinscrub brush. Therefore it can be expected the new brush design from Hoover FH51300NC can deliver more brushing activities than the other (this design is observed on many new released vacuum cleaners from Shark and it is prized by a lot of consumer for better removing the pet hairs out of the carpets).

The FH51300NC also has bigger cleaning path, heavier and more expensive than Hoover FH51300NC.

Side-by-side comparison Pet Premium FH51300NC Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150
Best benefits new brush design with 2 fold cleaning all-in-one model, most popular choice for over 5 years
Motor power 10 amps 10 amps
Water tank 1 Gal 1 Gal
Cord length 25 ft 20 ft
Heated cleaning yes yes
2 cleaning mode no no
Cleaning path 15’’ 11.25’’
Brush system Dualtech system Spinscrub brush
Water/rinse mode yes yes
weight 20 lbs 18.1 lbs
warranty 3 years 2 years
Full reviews Click here
Price range mid range  low-to-mid



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