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How to find a carpet cleaner under budget

last update: 22nd May 2018

Carpet shampooers don’t have to be costly. There are a few tips that I would like to suggest for you before jumping to get any carpet shampooer. Follow these tips, you can get the same carpet shampooer model with cheaper price. Actually, sometimes you can buy at only 50% of the sale price. Interesting right? Check for the tips now

1.Identify your cleaning demands to find a suitable carpet shampooer model

An expensive carpet shampooer does not necessarily means the best carpet shampooer for you. Choosing a carpet shampooer should firstly based on your cleaning demands. If you are about to clean small room, a lightweight upright carpet shampooer around $100 range is a better option than a deep carpet shampooer.

If you are still do not know which model is better for you, read this guide and you can identify in a minute.

2.Check for different carpet shampooer sale outlets  

There are dozens of sale outlets you might choose to buy a carpet shampooer and frankly they price the same model at different price. Target, Walmart, Amazon, Bissell, Hoover, Rug Doctor website are the most common place that you can investigate a carpet shampooer price. You can go around these marketplaces to seek for the cheapest one.


Tip 1: on Ebay, Amazon, Target or Walmart, the same model can also has different prices. This is a sale strategy from the manufacturers. For example, sometimes a Hoover SteamVac can be found at $100 or $120 range. Just check for all of the listing to grab the cheapest one.

3.Check for special promotion of the carpet shampooers

Different models can have different special promotions, such as giftcard, 50% save up, statement credit (sometimes up to $100). When you are looking for the model information, make sure to roll down to the full description and check for special promotion of the model.

4.Buy on special day such as Black Friday, Easter day…to save more

If you are not in a rush, you can wait till the nearest special day to get the carpet shampooer at a cheaper price. Generally you can save up to 15%-40% on those special days.

With the above tips, you can save more money when purchasing a carpet shampooer online. These tips can be also used for other products. Enjoy yourself buying things with less cost! 🙂

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