Carpet Cleaner Deals

carpet cleaner deals

Feb. 2018
Featured by best deal of the day and other best deals on carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, steam mops from famous brands like Bissell, Hoover, Rug Doctor, Shark, iRobot, Eufy… Let’s discover the best deals for your money.

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Best handheld vacuum for stairs

handheld vacuum on stairs reviews

Cleaning stairs with a standard vacuum cleaner is quite challenging because it is not easy to get the dirt, pet hairs out of corners and it is too tired to carry the machine up and down stairs. That’s why a handheld vacuum cleaner is one of the best solution for stair cleaning.

Here we bring the definitive guide for choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner for stairs, whether it is carpeted or not, for picking up the dust and pet hairs out of the stair effortlessly.

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Best vacuum for shag/ frieze/ plush carpet

vacuum for shag carpet reviews

update :Feb. 2018

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for hard floors and low pile carpet is simpler than a model for high pile carpets like shag or Berber because not all of the vacuum cleaners are optimized for cleaning them.

Here we bring the definitive guide for choosing a suitable vacuum cleaner for shag carpet so you can clean your home easier in case you have a mix of high pile carpets and hard floors at home.

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Best steam mop hardwood floors reviews

best steam mop for hardwood floors

update: Feb. 2018

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean the carpets and hardwood floors because the water can be heating up to 120 Celsius degree to disinfect the floors without leaving any chemical residue. Especially when steaming the hardwood floors, a steam mop can take away footprint, stains, embedded dirt and 99% bacteria without the need of any chemical.

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Best enzyme cleaners

best enzyme cleaners

Feb. 2018

When you have dogs, cats at home, cleaning the home and pet’s urine is very intimidating if we don’t use an enzyme cleaner because normal cleaning products are ineffective to remove the urine crystals.  Enzyme cleaners (or so-called enzymatic cleaners) are substances that can break down the urine thanks to bio-activities of the formula. Here we present the best enzymatic cleaners that are trusted by thousands of users which is reliable, cost-effective and safe for our health.

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Light N Easy steam mop (S7338) reviews

Light N Easy logo

Light N Easy steam mop is developed by Xiotn Group which is the inventor of the first steam mop in the US. The Light N Easy steam mop has the highest rating over many models thank its classic but prominent design. The steam mop has a sensor that will deliver the steam only when you move it on the floor and stop steaming when you stop cleaning.

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Amazon Prime day vacuum cleaner deals

amazon prime day vacuum cleaner

Prime day vacuum cleaner 2018 Prime day is one of the biggest sales that we are always eager. So what is prime day and how can benefit from this day? What is Amazon Prime Day 2018 Actually, the Prime day is Amazon exclusive discount day (which happens for only one day) that Prime member can […]

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