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Rug Doctor Flexclean reviews


Rug Doctor Flexclean reviews

March. 2018


Rug Doctor Flexclean is an all-in-one floor cleaner, which is designed by the famous brand Rug Doctor. The unit is intended to replace all home cleaning machines like carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaner, hard floor cleaner, steam mop…The model can clean a variety of surfaces including carpets, rugs, sealed floors, tiles, laminate, hardwood…without the need of changing machines. Let’s discuss whether this Rug Doctor Flexclean floor cleaner is a trend for future home and the pros and cons of this design.

Rug Doctor Flexclean reviews

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Construction of Rug Doctor Flexclean

Rug Doctor Flexclean reviews

image credit – rugdoctor website

Rug Doctor Flexclean is built as an upright vacuum cleaner with 2 water tanks. The dirty tank lays on the brush system and the clean water tank is located on the body of the machine with the size of 1 Gallon (where a dust canister is often placed in the case of an upright vacuum)

The brush system of Rug Doctor Flexclean has a single helical brush roller with 2 edge brushes, making a total cleaning path width 12’’.

On the dirty water tank, there is a port for connecting to a hose so users can clean the upholstery, stair with the upholstery tool.

Similar to Rug Doctor Pro Deep carpet cleaner, this unit also has 2 big wheels which are carpet friendly.

Rug Doctor does not mention the motor power of this unit, they confirmed the unit “does have the same cleaning power as other single function machines of the same level ”, but it is not as much powerful as the commercial unit like Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3.

Watch the demo of the model by Rug Doctor

Pros and cons of Rug Doctor Flexclean

Rug Doctor Flexclean is a new concept and at the moment there is little feedback about the model however from the design perspective we realized that

  • It can clean various surfaces from carpets, rugs to bare floors and sealed floors like laminate, vinyl…
  • It has a solid construction
  • It can tackle pet stains, food junks, spillage efficiently

However, the unit can’t replace single-function machine for home cleaning like an upright vacuum, a steam mop because

It is a heavy machine. The unit alone is about 21 lbs (without water) which is heavier most of standard upright vacuum models (ranging from 14 lbs to 17 lbs). The unit also does not have essential features of a full-size upright vac like HEPA filtration, fingertips control, detachable canister, low profile for cleaning under the sofa, furniture…

Besides, it can’t replace a traditional steam mop because the steam mop is designed for sanitizing the floor with high temperature without the need of chemical detergent. This unit does not have such feature.

Final verdict

Rug Doctor Flexclean can be considered as an upright carpet cleaner with additional features like vacuuming, sealed floor cleaning and pet mess cleaning machine. It gives the users the convenience when dealing with daily cleaning messes and it should not be treated as a total replacement for an upright vacuum or a steam mop.



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