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Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23 reviews

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Short Summary

Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23 possesses latest functions and technologies for users to clean the carpet at home. It has 2 cleaning modes: the quick mode for fast cleaning with fast drying time and the deep mode for throughout cleaning performance. The model is empowered with a robust motor (7 amps., higher than many models from Bissell), bigger water tank (1.26 Gallons) and 3 year warranty time. There are a lot of features such as heatwave technology to keep the water warm, 12 inches cleaning pathway, surround suction to make carpet dry faster. This Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23 is for regular home use, not recommended for pet owners because there are specialized models for pet owners from Bissell.


The Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23 is one of the typical upright carpet cleaner for regular home use, this model is suitable for busy home as it has quick cleaning mode with fast carpet drying time and deep cleaning mode for heavily soiled carpet. The model comes with 3 year warranty which brings you the confident to purchase without worrying any defect could happen.

Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23

Main Benefits Of The Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23

  • Hundreds of users come to choose the 47A23 model just because of its robust performance. The powerful 7 amps. Motor will suck up the soil, fibers,…out of the carpet easily.

  • Bigger water tank size: the model has 1.25 Gallons water tank so it will save you time of replacing dirty water when you clean bigger area.

  • The model has 3 years warranty time. This can be an advantage since many upright carpet cleaners only has 2 years warranty time.

Highlighting Features Of Bissell Proheat Pet Advanced Carpet Cleaner

  • Ten rows of rotating brush head for deep cleaning
  • Works effectively on carpet, upholstery, stairs
  • Brush pathway: 12 inches
  • Tools: stain tools, stair tools
  • 2-in-1 water tank
  • Surround suction capacity to help the carpet dry faster.
  • Heatwave technology from Bissell to keep the water warm during cleaning
  • Weight: 32.5 lbs.
  • Motor :7 amps.


  • This is a robust, reliable upright carpet cleaner which will never fell on cleaning performance.
  • It has a powerful 7 amps motor which is higher than Bissell Proheat 1548, Proheat 17N4/17N4P and 36Z9. 
  • Therefore, you can expect that this model will help you to relive the carpet.


  • Heavyweight (32.5 lbs)
  • No pet hair collector, that’s why if you want a carpet cleaner for pet owners, the Bissell Proheat 1548 will be a better choice
  • Dual water tank:this seems to be a classic design that you might get messy if you don’t know how to replace the water at first hand

Compare Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23 With Others

With Bissell models

There are not many differences among Bissell Proheat cleaner line because they all have the same technologies, designs and parameters. However, there are a few things you can consider

  • The Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23: dual water tank (with bigger capacity), powerful motor (7 amps.), 3 years warranty, heavy weight (32.5 lb): good for general cleaning purposes

  • Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 1548: 2 separate water tank, 6 amps motor, 2 years warranty with pet hair collector, cheaper price, lightweight (17.5 lb): good for pet messes and pet hair cleaning. This is one of the best carpet cleaner for pet owners 2017.

  • Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 1986: this is the latest upright carpet cleaner from Bissell with a lot of advanced features such as vacuum ability, lightweight (20 lbs), removable brushroll for better cleaning, 5 year warranty, fastest carpet drying time (in 1 hours only). You can read full reviews of this new-released Bissell model here.

Against Hoover

Perhaps the Bissell Proheat model is similar with Hoover Max Extract 60 Pro carpet cleaners in terms of cleaning performance and efficiency. You can also read the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pro model here.

How To Use Bissell Proheat 2x?

You can watch this short introduction to see how to use a Bissell carpet cleaner. Besides, it is recommended to use Bissell cleaning detergents and pet formulas if you want to clean pet stains and urine smell completely.


If you are looking for a robust upright carpet cleaner to tackle daily messes with a reliable cleaning performance and warranty condition, the Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23 is one of the option you can trust on. If you deal with pet messes and pet hair, the Bissell 1548 model will be a better choice and if you are looking for a dual roles : vacuum and carpet washer in only one machine, the ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner (1986) will be of the greatest value.

FAQs Of Bissell Proheat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A23

  1. How hot is the water that we can use with Bissell Proheat 43a23

    There is a common misconception about Bissell Proheat line. The Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner (not only this 47a23 model but others such as 1548, 1986, 17n4, 36z9…) has the ability to keep the water warm during cleaning by a technology called “Heatwave technology”. Therefore, you need to add the hot water to the machine, the machine does not heat the water, but it will preserve at the hot temperature all the cleaning time. As recommended, you can use the hottest water possible without worrying about machine damage.

  2. How Long Is The Warranty Time Of This Carpet Cleaner

    Bissell 47a23 Proheat 2x premier has a long warranty time : 3 years which is quite long when compared with other carpet cleaners on the market. For example,
    • Bissell 47a23 Proheat 2x premier : 3 years warranty time
    • Hoover FH50150 Deluxe carpet cleaner: 1 year warranty time
    • Bissell 1548 Proheat 2X: 2 years warranty time

  3. What is the water tank type of Bissell 47a23 Proheat 2x premier

    Bissell uses 2-in-1 water tank for this model, as seen across a lot of Bissell upright carpet cleaners. For those who are not familiar with this type of water tank, they find it is a bit tricky to clean the water tank for the first time using the machine. There are two 2 types of water tank2-in-1 water tank (another name: dual tank): the dirty water and clean water are stored in 1 tank only and separated by a bladder.
    • Separate water tank (clean water tank and dirty water tank): dirty water and clean water are stored in 2 tanks so it is easier to fill and clean the tanks.

  4. Is Bissell 47a23 Proheat 2x premier suitable for pet mess cleaning?

    If you are looking for a carpet cleaner for pet urine removal, then you might look for the Bissell 1548 Proheat 2X, Bissell 17N4 Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner or Bissell 1986 Proheat Revolution carpet cleaner. These models are optimized for pet owners by adding some more features.

  5. What is the different between Bissell Proheat and Bissell Essential

    The main difference between them is the ability to perform the deep cleaning. It is recommended that if you are facing with dirty carpets, then choosing the Bissell Proheat will bring more benefits because they have bigger water tank size ( less trip to change the water), more brush rolls (clean deeper), bigger motor (suction ability improved). If you are picking a carpet cleaner for apartments, studio rooms without pets or kids, then the Bissell Essential upright model will save your money.

  6. Bissell 47a23 Proheat 2x Premier vs. Bissell 47a2 Proheat 2x premier

    These model are basically the same. They only differ in the color.

  7. With Bissell 47a23 Proheat 2x premier, how long does it take to let the carpet dry?

    This model has 2 cleaning modes, the fast cleaning mode will let you dry the carpet within an hour. The deep cleaning mode will let you clean to the bottom of the carpet, and it will take about 2-3 hours for the carpet to dry.

  8. Can Bissell 47a23 Proheat 2x premier use for tile or hard floor

    If you need to clean the tiles and hard floors with this model, you need a bare floor tool which can be ordered separately. In case you need a carpet cleaner which can be used for all terrain, let’s have a look at Hoover All Terrain Max Extract which is designed for carpets, rugs, tiles, and wooden floors cleaning.


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