best cordless vacuum for pet hair


Best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hairs


We present the definitive guide for finding the best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair in 2018 with buying tips because in 2017 we have seen a lot of innovation in cordless stick vacuum design and technologies which have changed a lot the way how we clean hardwood floors and pet hairs and especially long hairs on carpets.

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How to choose a cordless stick vacuum for pet hair- Quick buying tips

When choosing a cordless stick vacuum, you should realize that there is quite a wide spectrum of stick vacuum available on the market from a lot of great brands such as Dyson, Hoover, Shark, Deik, Dirt and Devil, Bissell, Eureka and each brand targets different customer needs. For example, when you want nothing else but a fast, lightweight cordless vac for occasional cleaning the cat hair on couch or sofa, you can choose a reliable handheld, cheap unit from Eureka or Bissell or Black and Decker at the price of no more than 50 bucks. But when you are really serious about removing long hairs, husky hair and you have to clean every day, you should focus on the quality of the machine as well as the performance of the unit and the price, as most of the high-performed cordless stick will be a bit pricey.

Recommended cordless vacuum for pet hairs when you only need to clean small areas is BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum model which extremely cheap and reliable. This model is a lightweight canister vac from famous brand Black and Decker with highest customer satisfactions from over ten thousands of users for many years.

When you want to find a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner for not only cleaning the pet hairs but also to clean other places such as bare floors, carpets, rugs, ceilings, windows, under bed or sofa…then you should choose a cordless stick vacuum with strong suction power, bigger dust bin capacity, long battery use time and low noise if possible. To reach this level, there are quite a few brands you can rely on such as Dyson, Shark, and Hoover.

Dyson models focus on the best quality and conveniences for users. However, Dyson models are expensive (compared to Shark and Hoover) but they are very worthy of the quality benefits.

Shark models is an alternative to Dyson because Shark cordless stick vacuum model such as Shark Ionflex cordless is also very powerful and easy to use and cheaper in price, but it lacks some great features when compared to Dyson such as HEPA filter, heavier, smaller dust bin and a bit noisy.

Hoover models deliver the best value for the money because Hoover most advanced cordless stick vacuum (Hoover REACT series) is much cheaper than Dyson and Shark, but they also have great performance and quality. On the other hands, Hoover cordless stick vacuum (HOOVER REACT) also does not have HEPA filter and it is also a bit noisy.

There are some other beneficial features that you need to look for when finding your cordless stick vacuum to pick up pet hairs

Brush head design is important because if it is poorly made, the pet hair will clog and stuck and stop the suction. The motorized pet tool is very crucial which will let you pick up the pet hairs (especially long hairs) in a hassle free way. Besides, you need to look for models that are capable of trapping dust and allergens as much as possible because you do not want to recontaminate your air again with the pet dead skin cells or pollen etc. Some models are certified as asthma-friendly (for example Dyson V8 HEPA) or pet-friendly (for example Hoover REACT cordless pet) because these models have passed the examination on released air.

HEPA filter is important as it can trap the dust up to 99.9% (size down to 0.3 microns), but if the model you are after does not have HEPA (as cordless stick vacuum with HEPA filter is very rare and expensive), it is also accepted if it can trap the dust up to 99.9 % (size down to 0.5 microns).

Battery use time is another factor as you do not want the battery to run up before you finish your cleaning tasks. A typical great cordless unit will allow you to have more than 20 minutes running time up to 40 minutes running time in normal mode. Some models have max power mode which will allow you to use all of the power for difficult cleaning tasks and by using the max mode the battery runtime will be shorter (from 6 minutes to 11 minutes mostly)

The weight of the machine is important to some folks because you do not want a cordless model which is heavy as a corded model. Therefore, check accordingly the machine weight to see if you can handle it for the intended use time (for example, Dyson V8 Absolute HEPA is only about 5.8 lbs which are very light compared to Shark Ionflex 8.7 lbs).

About the warranty time, it is possible to say that the cordless stick vacuum from the famous brand like Dyson or Shark or Hoover supports a very long warranty time (up to 5 years) and these models are mostly zero maintenance cost so thankfully you do not need to care very much about the warranty time.

Last but not least, the price is a crucial and compromising factor because when it comes to cordless model, you pay for the quality therefore if you can afford the best one, it will be pricey and vice versa. To cut down the cost, you can consider more about some features such as noise level, machine weight, dust cup capacity and filtration type. If you can cut some parameters then you can find the best cordless unit for the money.

Top rated cordless stick vacuum 2018 (for pet hairs) list 

  1. Dyson V8 absolute HEPA and Dyson V8 Animal – two models only have a slight variation in the additional brush head (Dyson V8 Absolute has one more soft roller and more expensive than Dyson V8 Animal) – Best for the quality
  2. Hoover REACT cordless stick pet vacuum – best for the money
  3. Shark Ionlfex cordless stick – best for the features

Full reviews of cordless stick vacuum 2018 (for pet hairs)

To understand more about these models we have reviewed in details Dyson V8 Absolute, Hoover REACT cordless, Shark Ionflex cordless so that you can read more if you have researching time.

Besides, we also compare and contrast each model, each brand side-by-side in all aspects of features, benefits, price, and performance to help you make a better choice.


To recap,

If you need a casual handheld cordless vac for pet hair at low cost- recommendation is BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

If you are looking for the ultimate cordless stick vacuum with highest quality and satisfaction – recommendation is Dyson V8 Animal/ Absolute

If you are looking for an alternative to Dyson V8, you can find Shark Ionflex or Hoover REACT models with softer prices.



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