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Hoover REACT vs Hoover Fusion- what is the difference

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Apart from the newest cordless vacuum stick Hoover REACT, Hoover still has another cordless vacuum stick series called Hoover Fusion. Both models are very similar so what are the differences between Hoover REACT and Hoover Fusion?

Let’s compare Hoover REACT Whole Home cordless vacuum BH53200 vs Hoover Fusion Max Cordless Stick BH53110 to see the differences

difference Between

Hoover REACT BH53200 Vs Hoover Fusion Max BH53110

Superior Run Time

Hoover REACT BH53200

Powerful Cleaning Cordless Versatility

Hoover Fusion Max BH53110

Actually, Hoover REACT and Hoover Fusion cordless stick vacuum have similar constructions. The noticing difference, at first sight, is that Hoover REACT has the machine in white/ navy color while

Hoover Fusion has the machine in white/violet color or white/red color (BH53110 model).

When looking into details Hoover REACT and Hoover Fusion have different brush head design, connectivity and battery run time


  • Brush Head Design
    Hoover REACT series use Floorsense technology on the brush head to detect the floor types and the vacuum will automatically change the suction power to adapt to the surfaces for optimal cleaning.

    Hoover Fusion series does not use Floorsense technology on the brush head. Instead, Hoover Fusion uses dry nozzle brush head which is designed for hard floor straight suction.

    Besides, hoover fusion has a brush roll window so you can see the pet hairs, dust and dirt on the brush roll and remove them easily.
  • Connectivity
    Hoover REACT is connected to Hoover APP

    Hoover Fusion does not have this feature (although users do not really appreciate the connectivity of a cordless stick vacuum to an app so much)
  • Battery Runtime
    Hoover REACT can run up to 27 minutes

    Hoover Fusion can run up to 21 minutes
  • Price Of Hoover REACT And Hoover Fusion
    Hoover REACT and Hoover Fusion are in the same price range (low-to-mid range)


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