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Shark Rocket vacuum: A detail comparison

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Shark Rocket Series Discussion: Discover 3 Series: Original, Deluxe And Duoclean


If you are searching for a lightweight upright vacuum, probably you will end up with many Shark models, especially the Shark Rocket series.

The typical weight of a Shark Rocket vacuum is just about 8 lbs. (1/2 weight of a regular, full-size upright model), but it still has full capacity of cleaning.

Let’s discuss the most popular Shark Rocket models:

  • Shark Rocket Original series (model HV300)

  • Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro (HV322)

  • Shark Rocket with Duoclean series (HV380)

to see the difference, the pros and cons of each series, therefore, you can make a better decision.

How To Choose A Shark Rocket

These series have core benefits (ultra-lightweight, ergonomic value, 2-in-1 design, exceptionally high rating) so it may be a bit confusing when considering which model will be the best one for your home. Here are a few remarks you can think of:



​Shark Rocket Original

  • Very cheap lightest in weight, 2-in-1 feature, smaller dustbin, no LEDs.
  • This is a nice option if you are price conscious, looking for an upright vacuum for an apartment, looking for gift ideas for the woman, having a small space.
  • Most popular model is Shark Rocket HV302.

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro

  • Affordable, ultra-lightweight, 2-in-1 feature, full-size dustbin, LEDs, and motorized pet tool.
  • This is a great deal for pet owners, home with the bigger area.
  • Most popular model is Shark Rocket Deluxe True Pet HV322.

Shark Rocket Duoclean

  • Mid-price range, ultra-lightweight, 2-in-1 feature, full-size dustbin, LEDs, motorized pet tool and Duoclean brushroll.
  • Choose this series when you have to deal with multiple surfaces, shag, Berber, high plush, pet hair.
  • This is the best option for users who need an advanced vacuum cleaner with ultra-lightweight.
  • Most popular model is Shark Rocket Duoclean HV382.

?Highly Recommended

Compare Three Shark Rocket Series

Shark Rocket Original

Shark Rocket (original) (including: HV300, HV300W, HV300C, HV301C, HV302, HV303, HV305, HV310, UV450)

Shark Rocket original is very popular among many Shark vacuum product lines. These models are highly rated by thousands of users since its appearance.

The Shark Rocket Original series is featured by the extremely lightweight and ergonomic features. They are typically about only 7.6 lbs., which is just a half compared with a casual upright vacuum.

These models are exceptionally good when using as an upright unit as the head is swivel type and it runs smoothly on many surfaces.

Whenever you need a handheld unit, you just only need to detach the canister out of the stick and there you go.

Two more beneficial things of Shark Rocket original series are that they have a full accessory package, which is very handy for different cleaning needs such as dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, hard floor hero and car detail kit.

Shark rocket dusting brush
Shark rocket dusting tool
Shark rocket pet multi tool
Shark rocket powered pet tool

You may realize that Shark Rocket is corded design (not a cordless) and it ultra-lightweight and a lot of premium tools will let you have a continuous cleaning time without interruption.

Shark Rocket Original models are exceptionally cheap, just above 100 buck a bit. The reason why it is too cheap at the moment, that is because there are newer product lines such as the Shack Rocket with

Duoclean, Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro.

Therefore, it is a ready-to-buy vacuum cleaner whenever you need an ultra-lightweight machine to use on daily basis or to give as a gift for the woman, new house owner.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV302)

The most popular choice when talking about Shark Rocket Original series.

This model is our top pick with regards to ultra-lightweight upright vacuum.

Accessories of Shark Rocket Original are so many

Depending on models, there can be different accessories. They are generally include

  • Dusting brush
  • 12″ crevice tool
  • Under appliance wand (depending on model)
  • Duster crevice tool
  • Dust-Away™ attachment  (depending on model)
  • Onboard accessory storage  (depending on model)
  • 27-30′ power cord
  • Wall mount
  • Accessory bag
  • Wide pet upholstery tool
  • Home & car detail kit

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro series include 6 models: (HV320, HV320W, HV321, HV321C, HV322, HV324Q)

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro is improved of Shark Rocket original series by increasing the dust cup capacityfrom 0.45 dry quarts up to 0.9 dry quarts. Simply speaking, Shark Rocket Original has the dust cup size of a handheld unit, which is somehow similar to Dyson cordless, Hoover REACT cordless, and

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro has the dust cup equal to a full-size upright unit.

The increase of the dust cup size allows you to clean more with less time emptying the dust cup. While it could hold more dirt, the weight is still incredible: 8.6 lbs.

shark rocket deluxe pro features

shark rocket deluxe pro features

On the performance side, Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro is twisted with an advanced swivel steering head so that when using as an upright, the unit runs smoother than the original. The brush head is also equipped with bright LED lights to reveal the hidden spots and dirt in dark areas.

There is an onboard storage place for you to keep some frequent use accessories. It is handier as you don’t need to look over for an attachment falling somewhere

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Corded Vacuum (HV322)

The most popular Rocket Deluxe version.

This unit has high rating, excellent performance, sweet price and it has a Pet Multi Tool for capturing embedded pet hair on all surfaces. 

There are a lot of tools coming together with Shark Duoclean Deluxe Pro such as (may vary depending on models)

  • Dusting brush
  • 12″ crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Duster crevice tool
  • Mini motorized brush
  • Dust-Away™ attachment
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • 30′ power cord
  • Wall mount
  • Accessory bag
  • Wide pet upholstery tool
  • Flexible hose
  • 18″ flexi tool
  • Pet multi-tool

The best part of Shark Duoclean Deluxe Pro is that it has a motorized pet tool which comes in premium quality. This tool is the most useful when you have to deal with pet hair, long hair.

The exceptional quality of this series is proven by very high rating from thousands of users. Interestingly, you do not need to spend a lot of money for Shark Duoclean Deluxe Pro because its price is also very affordable (about 200 range).

The most common choice of Shark Duoclean Deluxe Pro model is Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright Corded Vacuum, Bordeaux (HV322)

Shark Rocket With Duoclean

Shark Rocket with Duoclean (HV380, HV380W, HV381, HV381C, HV382)

Shark Rocket with Duoclean series is the latest Shark Rocket, which is featured by Duoclean brushroll. Simply speaking, a casual upright vacuum cleaner can work fairly well on one surface type (bare floors for instance) but can be inefficient when cleaning other surfaces (carpet, shag, plush…). Sometimes, they can pick the large debris very well but miss fine dust or vice versa. This is the limitation of much old fashion vacuum series.

shark rocket with duoclean features

shark rocket with duoclean features

Shark introduces the Duoclean brushroll which includes a hard bristle to pick up large debris and a soft roller to pick up fine dust on a single brush roll. This new concept is a true innovation of vacuum brush head design. The Duoclean brushroll is among the best brush head today.

Shark Rocket with Duoclean keeps all of the great features of the Rocket series such as ultra-lightweight, convert into a handheld, swivel steering, onboard storage, LEDs light and a lot of additional tools.

Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum (HV382)

The most popular Shark Rocket Duoclean model in this series. 

  • Dusting brush
  • 12″ crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Under appliance wand
  • Duster crevice tool
  • Mini motorized brush
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • 30′ power cord
  • Wall mount
  • Accessory bag
  • Pet multi-tool


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