Roomba 690 vs 890 – A detail comparison

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Roomba 690 vs 890 – Which model is a better choice for your home

last update: 26th May 2019


If you are searching for “smart robotic vacuum”, I doubt you will find out that Roomba 690 and 890 models are among the most popular units.

Roomba 690 is an improvement of Roomba 600s series to gain the market share of affordable robot vacuum cleaner.

It is a sweet spot by having all of Roomba 600s series benefits plus wifi connection (Alexa Voice compatible too) so that you can order the robot Roomba 690 via a smartphone, that is what you can’t do with the Roomba 650 model (Roomba 650 has been discontinued since 2017).

Roomba 890, offers more benefits in cleaning efficiency ( better dust extration, filtration system,…) and it is a bit more expensive.

You may wonder what benefits that you can gain by paying more to buy Roomba 890, or the 690 model is just too sufficient.

Let’s discover the difference between them and have a better decision after all.

Check how much you can save when buying Roomba 690 or Roomba 890 model below.

Difference between Roomba 690 and Roomba 890

Different dust extractor

First, these two models use different brush roller (extractor),which results in cleaning efficiency when dealing with carpets.

Roomba 690 uses iRobot traditional brush roller (a bristle brush bar) to pick up debris and fine dust.

The hard bristle brush bar is effective to pull out fine dust and pet hair out of carpets, however it is very easy to tangle if you have a lot of long hair, pet hair at home. Removing pet hair out of a bristle brush is a pain for a lot of users

roomba 690 brushroll

Roomba 600s series brush bar with bristle, this old-fashioned dust extractor is a true pain for home with pets

roomba 890 extractor

Roomba 800s series with less tangling brush bar, this new design brush extractor is efficient for many floor types and you can remove the hair easily with a scissors 

Roomba 890 uses a new brush bar concept (called tangle-free debris extractor). It is a soft brushless roller bar to pick up debris and hair.

This tangle-free brush bar is expected to be less tangle when dealing with hair. However, if you have a lot of pet hair and long hair at home, it is also tangled too (using scissors to remove the wrapping hair from this roller bar is easier compared with Roomba 690)

Second, filtration level

Roomba 690 uses Aerovac filtration, which is a foam layers filter to capture dust, allergen, pollen..

Roomba 890 uses HEPA filtration (the world standard filtration) to capture dust, allergen size down to 0.3 microns.

If you are having breathing issue, allergy issue, it is always recommended to choose a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration to ensure the air quality.

Roomba 890 HEPA filtration price is just more or less similar with Roomba 690 Aerovac filtration price. Therefore, their yearly maintenance costs are about the same. 

Third, on convenience side

Roomba 690 does not have sensors to tell if the dust bin is full, but the 890 model has.

Apart from these main difference, both models uses iRobot core technologies such as navigation technology, mapping technology, virtual wall, wifi connection, docking, automatic charging, voice control…

Roomba 690 and Roomba 890 – Comparison chart

Roomba 690Roomba 690Roomba 890
Main benefitsaffordable price, wifi connection, efficient model from famous brandHEPA filtration, less tangle brushless bar, suitable for pet owner and allergy person
Run time60 minutes60 minutes
Charging time120 minutes120 minutes
Battery Li-ion Li-ion
Brush systemDual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping BrushTangle-free Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush
Vacuum suctionx5x
WiFi connectedYesYes
Full Bin IndicatorNoYes
Automatic RechargeYesYes
Forced DockingYesYes
Remote Control iRobot HOME App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant iRobot HOME App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Voice ControlYesYes
Virtual Wall Barriers11
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How to choose between Roomba 690 vs Roomba 890

Because Roomba 890 is about $150 more expensive than Roomba 690 model, therefore you should consider the benefits of Roomba 890 to see whether it is worth for spending extra money.

Roomba 890 is a better option if

  • You have pets and you have to deal with pet hair daily
  • You have breathing issues, allergies
  • You have multiple floor types

In this case, you should take the Roomba 890 model.

On the other hands, Roomba 690 is a cost-effective, efficient robot unit that can handle a lot of cleaning tasks for many home.

Check how much you can save when buying Roomba 690 or Roomba 890 model below.

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Roomba 690 vs 890 - Which model is a better choice
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