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Compare Bissell Proheat 2X 1548-1986-1964-2007-1551

Compare Bissell Proheat 1548 vs 1986 ( 1964 ) vs 2007 vs 1551

last update: 9th December 2018

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Bissell Proheat is the upright vacuum cleaner line from Bissell with 4 best models namely 1548 vs 1551 vs 1986 vs 2007. Let’s compare the similarities and differences among them to see what model is the most suitable for your need.

Here is a quick recap

Bissell Proheat 2X 1548 is the most common choice for pet owner over years, the refresh of this model (Bissell Proheat 2X 1986) has a sprayer on the brush head to attack old stains. Other models differs on colors and market distributions only (1548 is simlar to 1551; and 1986 is similar to 1964 and 2007).

Similarities of Bissell Proheat 1548, 1986,  2007 and 1551

The Bissell Proheat line uses similar technologies in machine design such as heatwave technology to keep the warmed water at optimal temperature for cleaning, dual cleaning modes for fast cleaning and deep cleaning performance, detachable hose and tools for easier cleaning, low foot profile for cleaning under furniture and 12 rows of dual brushes for maximal dirt and soil removal.

bissell 1986 vs 2007

They use high power motor and they are all lightweight design. Actually, the Bissell Proheat line is the most worthy upright line from this brand because they use newest Bissell technologies in making carpet cleaners.

Compared to Bissell older upright models, the Proheat line is far more than what Bissell have had in the past.

When coming into machine detail features, each model has its own specialties.

Differences of Bissell Proheat 1548, 1986,  2007 and 1551

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution 1551 (only available via Walmart) which is very likely similar to Bissell Proheat 2X 1548 in terms of design, feature, and price. The minor difference is the color of the machine and Bissell 1548 has one more hand tool compared to Bissell 1551 (the pet stain tool).

When compare Bissell Proheat 1551 and 1548 to Bissell Proheat 1986 (1964), there are quite a lots of modifications. The Bissell 1986 (1964) model has the pre-treater which will spray the condensed cleaning formula on the stain so you can treat worst stain during cleaning with the carpet cleaner and this is quite useful in terms of saving cleaning time.

Specifically, if you want to achieve the highest cleaning performance on the carpet with dark stains and pet stains, you have to pre-treat the stain first and later clean the carpet with the carpet cleaning machine. However, the pre-treater allows you to attack the dark stains right away during cleaning time so you can save for 20-30 minutes of pre-treating time.

Second, the brush roll cover of Bissell Proheat 1986 (1964) is removable, so when cleaning the brush it is much easier.

Third, this is the pro-pet model so it comes with more specialized hand tools than the Bissell 1551 / 1548

On feature benefits side the Bissell Proheat 1986 (1964) is a better choice. However, on the money benefit side, Bissell 1551 / Bissell 1548 is a better option.

Bissell Proheat 1986 differs with the 1964 model only in colors.

Bissell Proheat 2007 has one more hand tool than the Proheat 1986.

At the moment, only 2 Proheat models are available on they are the 1548 and 1986 unit. Other models are not available for US market at the moment.

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