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How to choose cleaning formula for maximizing cleaning results

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How to choose cleaning formula for maximizing cleaning results

update: April. 2018

When using a carpet cleaner, there are quite a lot of cleaning formulas available on the market from famous brands and from carpet cleaner manufacturers too. When dealing with difficult cleaning tasks, you can optimize your cleaning results by following these chosen tips

To remove pet stains, urine and odor

If you have to deal with pet messes, the best way to tackle the stain and remove the urine completely is that you should pre-treat the stain and urine with formulas that have oxidative substances or enzymatic reactions because casual cleaning detergent is insufficient to remove the crystal urine.

Notice: enzyme cleaners are much safer for your carpet and your health. When using oxidative cleaning formulas, you should test on a hidden corner of the carpet to avoid discoloration.

To clean worst stain and old stain

For old stains, it is a bit difficult to clean and remove completely. At this time you should combine an oxidative pre-treater to spray over the stain (make sure the product is suitable for your carpet type). The pre-treater will allow the stain to be degraded easier. After that, you can use casual cleaning formula with the carpet cleaner to clean the stain.

To renew the carpet

After using the carpet for years, you can refresh your carpet by using ground-in dirt sprayer to treat the dirt embedded in the carpet fibers and foundation. After that, use a deep cleaning formula with your preferred scents to give a breeze to your carpet.


  • If cleaning an entire room, consider moving your furniture to another area.
  • Use a dry vacuum cleaner over area before using your deep cleaner.
  • To save your cleaning time, there are 2X formulas available that you do not need to do the pre-treating steps.


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