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    Neato botvac D7 vs Roomba 980

    Neato botvac D7 vs Roomba 980 April. 2018 Introduction Roomba 980 has remained the best robotic vacuum cleaner for a few years regarding of its performance and smart features when comparing with other brands. Neato botvac D7 is the newest robotic vacuum from Neato in the high-end section. Despite Neato Botvac D7 is just released […]


      Deebot N79 vs Deebot N79s

      Deebot N79 is best known as one of the most affordable and reliable robotic vacuum cleaner from Ecovacs brand. Among a dozen of product lines from Ecovacs, Deebot N79 is the most popular choice, marking over 5 million + units sold worldwide. In 2018, Ecovacs has released the 2nd generation of Deebot N79, which is called Deebot N79S, by adding more features.