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Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews

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Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews, Rating And Compared With Other Brands

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a low price robot vacuum unit. This model has a lot of similarities to famous brands in the robot vac industry, for example Roomba 600s series, ILIFE A4 series, Deebot N79 series, but, Deik model is elevated with a greater motor power (1200 Pa vs 1000 Pa of the others), HEPA filtration (others use casual filters), less tangling brushroll, long run time and large dustbin.

Nonetheless, this unit is cheaper than the rivals a lot and it has an amazingly high rating from buyers.

Let’s discuss and compare the new coming Deik robot vacuum unit versus famous competitors so you can have a better choice when looking for a robot home vac.

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Low Price robot vacuum unit

Deik Robot Vacuum

What Are The Best Benefits Of Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

  • More suction power

    If you notice, most of the low price robotic vac uses a motor of 1000 Pa, and this is the traditional, classical motor type. Until recently, later robotic vac generations have increased the motor power to deal with pet hair, carpet cleaning better. Deik unit uses a motor of 1200 Pa which is the latest motor standard so far.

  • Efficient cleaning performance

    ​Deik robot vacuum uses a helix pattern and high tensile bristle, combined with 2 sides brushes for a throughout cleaning capacity. This design is also a universal type of robot vac.

  • Upgraded navigation sensors

    Sensors are the core of a robot vacuum performance. The better the sensors, the better the cleaning performance. This unit can adjust the suction power automatically to the floor types (carpeted/tile/hardwood/laminate floor), avoid bumping around, stair and drop-offs, automatically return to charging dock and programmable schedule like more expensive models.

  • Super long warranty

    This model has the 3-year warranty, which is much longer than the rest models (most of the robot units on the market are back up with 12 months warranty, a few has 24 months warranty only)

  • Price is great

    It is cheaper than Deebot N79, the most popular unit at the low price range, cheaper than ILIFE and Roomba models whose features are in the similar range

  • High rating from consumer

How Does Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work?


Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a classic circular design, the dimension of this model is very similar to Roomba 600s series (13.8 x 13.8 x 3.4’’). The unit has a large dustbin (900mL), 2 side brushes, the main brush roller, a HEPA filter, a charging dock and controlled by a remote. The use of this model is the same with all other popular units.

Technology And Features Of The Model

  • 1200 Pa motor

    ​This unit uses a motor power higher than the traditional design to give more suction power. It adopts one of the most popular cleaning system: a 3-stage cleaning step

  • 3D filter + HEPA + bigger dust bin 0.9L

    ​The combination of this filtration system allows you to vacuum more and ensure no blocked issue or a second air pollution.

  • Big wheels to transverse

    ​This unit has 2.5 cm in diameter wheels so it can cross a barrier of maximal 1.5cm.

  • 5 cleaning modes

    ​More cleaning modes including a new S-shaped cleaning mode to give more coverage to the floor.

  • Updated sensors

    ​Anti-collision, infrared sensors will detect obstacles to avoid the collision.


  • Battery: Ah Lithium battery
  • Adapter input voltage: AC100-240V
  • Charging Time: 4.5 hours
  • Suction: 1200Pa
  • Auto Charging: Yes
  • DB Noise: 50-60 DB
  • Dust box volume: 0.9 L
  • Product net weight: 6lbs

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner Compared With Roomba, Deebot Models

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner has four big advantages when comparing with competitors like Roomba 690Deebot N79, Eufy Robovac 11…These plus points are

  • More suction power (1200 Pa vs 1000 Pa)
  • HEPA filter use
  • Cheaper price
  • Bigger dustbin size (900 mL vs 300 mL -400mL range)

The limitation of this unit is that the running time is just moderate (60-90 minutes) while it could take up to 4.5 hours for charging. This downside is improved by the adding of auto-recharging features.

Other competitors also have their strong points, for instance

  • Roomba 650 has the updated version: Roomba 690 (wifi enabled and Alexa compatible)
  • Deebot N79 has a longer run time up to 100 minutes and it has a long tracking record.

Eufy Robovac 11 series is updated with 3 new models: Robovac 11+, Robovac 11c and Robovac 11S. All of them are wifi connected and Alexa compatible, the 11+ version has the max suction mode, the 11c version has less tangling brush roll and the 11S option has a higher motor power up to 1300 Pa.

​Deik Robot Vac

Roomba 650

Deebot N79










Motor Power

1200 Pa

1000 Pa

900 Pa

Run Time

60+ mins

60 Mins

100 mins

Charging Time




Dust bin size




Noise Level








Remote Control







Yes. Deebot APP no Alexa

Good for Carpets









3 Years

1 Year

1 Year





Check Details

Rating And Customer Feedback

Rating and feedback of this model are incredible. Consumers agreed this unit is a great, powerful vacuum robot and the price is better than the other brands. When cleaning, it also covers more areas without missing spots, which is a major downside of many cheap robot vac unit. The dustbin size is larger and it has 2 spare filters which will save money.


This model is a very useful cleaning tool for your home without breaking your budget limit. You can try this unit if you are actively finding a robot vac that works at the low price and it can be a great gift idea for the new homeowner too.

However, I still recommend Roomba 650.


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