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Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero-M reviews

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Shark APEX Duoclean With Zero-M Technology Feature A New Style Of Advanced Vacuum For Hair Cleaning.

Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero-M is Shark newest full-size upright vacuum cleaner. This model is a refresh of Shark APEX Duoclean AX951, which is currently one of the best models from the brand.

Possessing new feature called Zero-M, Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero-M can remove wrap hair, human hair around the brushroll automatically. Besides, the new design of this model delivers a massive airflow, which is much more than Dyson Ball Animal 2 or Miele U1.

Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero-M remains all of the benefits from the previous model. It is very quiet when running and capable of cleaning both bare floors and high pile carpets very well, thanks to its noise insulation and Duoclean technologies.

It also has the best filtration system which is 10 fold more active than a HEPA. The total weight is about 16 lbs, which is still lightweight for ladies and seniors.

Let’s review this new model so you can have a better consideration.

The Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum (AZ1002)

Benefits Of Shark APEX Duoclean With Zero-M

  • Ultimate Cleaning Performance

    This model is very ergonomic. The unit helps you to clean fine dust, debris and large particles on bare floors and carpets seamlessly. The brush roll is swivel style and it is capable of self-removing wrapping hair. If you have dogs and cats that shed daily hair, this unit will save a bunch of time because you do not have to cut hairs by hand.

  • Super Filtration System Means Better For Your Respiratory

    Shark APEX Duoclean uses a system of HEPA filtration combined with a sealed allergen air system, which can capture dust, fine particle 10X more than a standard HEPA. The perfect filtration system makes it very friendly to seniors, users with breathing issue or asthma person.

  • Quiet When Working

    Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero-M creates the highest noise measured at around 70 dB, which is a lot less than a casual model (around 80 dB to 100 dB). You can basically listen to TV, radio, talking while vacuuming without any disruption.

Features Of Shark APEX Duoclean With Zero-M

shark duoclean brush design
  • Duoclean Brush Head

    The Duoclean brushroll is the most innovative vacuum brush head in the industry. By combining a soft roller with a hard bristle, the Duoclean brushroll can lift up dust, fine particle on bare-floor easily, and at the same time, it can remove embedded hairs on thick carpets, rugs.

  • Powered Lift-Away

    Powered Lift-away means that you can detach the canister away from the main body, and the vacuum still work. This technology allows you to reach further under furniture, bed, sofas

  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA Filter

    The greatest filtration system. HEPA filter will keep all of the dust and allergen inside the machine (size down to 0.3 microns) and the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal air system ensures the air won’t be polluted again.

  • Zero-M Technology

    Traditional brushroll tends to attract a lot of hairs and the wrapping hairs will clog the brushroll, eventually stops the machine and cause breakage inside.

    There are just a few vacuums that are designed for cleaning long hair effectively without clogging issue, such as Dyson Animal Balls 2 (which has a self-cleaning brush head).

    Since long hair causes a lot of troubles and removing pet hair, human hair by hand is tedious and very dirty, Shark developed Zero-M technology, allowing you to remove the wrapping hair automatically. It features a unique bristle quad and comb separates long hair, human hair from the roller and sucks into the dust cup.

  • Noise Insulation Technology

    ​Noise reduction layers are used to soften the noise created during running the machine. The highest pitch measured is about 72 dB, which makes this model become one of the top quiet models so far.

  • Ergonomic Design

    This model remains a lot of Shark’s most successful designs such as bright LED lights on the brushroll, fingertip control, long hose, and a lot of attachments that come along with the model for various cleaning needs.
Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero m

Powered Lift-Away technology allows you to detach the canister. Image by Sharkclean

Specifications Of Shark APEX Duoclean With Zero-M

  • Weight: 16 lbs

  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 12.2 x 46’’

  • Cord length: 30 ft

  • Airflow: 104 cfm

  • Noise level: around 72 dB

  • Dust cup: 1.5 quarts

  • Wattage: 1350

Variation Of Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M

Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M has 3 models, which is called

Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M AZ1000W, Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M AZ1002, and Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M AZ1002BRN

The main difference among 3 models are all about attachments that come along in the package



​Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M AZ1000W

  • This version is the basic one. It has only 2 tools: 12’’ crevice tool and pet Multi-tool.

​Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M AZ1002

  • This version is the most valuable one. It has 3 tools: 12’’ crevice tool and pet Multi-tool and Deep-Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool.

​Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M AZ1002BRN

  • This version is similar to the AZ1002 (also have the same tools, distributed to other markets).

Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M Attachments

Depending on models, you may get some of these tools, and you can also order them separately.

  • Onboard Motorized Pet Tool

    A motorized brush to remove deeply embedded allergens, dirt, and hair from multiple surfaces.

  • Mini Motorized Pet Brush

    Designed to remove pet hair and ground-in dirt from carpeted stairs and upholstery.

  • Pet Multi-Tool

    Designed to dust, pick up large piles of debris, and remove pet hair from fabric surfaces

  • Anti-Allergen Dust Brush

    Feature nylon fiber bristles specially designed for removing fine dust and allergen particles

  • MultiFLEX Under-Appliance wand

    Clean under appliances and on top of furniture.

  • Duster Crevice Tool

    For small spaces

  • Accessory Storage Bag

    Stores accessories.

Performance Of Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M

  • Massive Airflow

    Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M gives 101 cfm, which is higher than Dyson Ball Animal 2 (97 cfm), Miele U1 (82 cfm) and Shark Navigator (78 cfm).

    The more airflow means it can suck more embedded dirt and clean where others can fail.

  • Clean And Polish Bare Floors

    Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M clean fine powder on bare floors like laminate, hardwood floor very well. To achieve the polish look, you can engage the brushroll on the floor surfaces, by using low pile carpet mode on tile, laminate floors.

Where To Buy

Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M is currently available via the sharkclean website and Amazon website.


Shark APEX Duoclean Zero-M improve cleaning efficiency and cleaning convenience. Currently, it is Shark’s ultimate model. If you are a vacuum- savvy users, this model will deliver the ultimate experience that you might never think of.


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