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Dyson Cyclone V10 reviews, ratings and comparison

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Dyson Cyclone V10 is Dyson latest cordless stick that has been introduced into the market. Unlike previous models, this cordless vac has a straight design to achieve maximal airflow.

Compared to the V8, Dyson V10 has bigger dustbin (40% more), stronger suction on carpet (25% more) yet its weight is just more or less the same (around 5.8 lbs.)

Advertised as Dyson most powerful, lightest stick that has ever been, let’s discover this Dyson V10 Absolute model, and compare to Dyson V8 to see whether Dyson Cyclone V10 is a greater deal.

Check how much you can save when buying Dyson Cyclone V10 below.

Dyson V10 cyclone reviews


What are new benefits of Dyson Cyclone V10?

Dyson Cyclone V10 is the new series of Dyson cordless stick vacuum that has been appeared on the market from March 2018.

With the V10 series, Dyson has applied their unique, pioneering on the brushroll design to remove more 25% dust than the Dyson V8, by using a motor laying inside the brush bar.

dyson v10 cyclone reviews

Moreover, the Dyson Cyclone V10 has super long run time, which is the longest run time of a cordless stick on the market (60 minutes). The unit now has 3 suction power modes to suit any task on any floor surfaces. The appearance of Dyson V10 will ultimately redefine the value of a cordless stick and make other brands to chase after in order to get customer attention.

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Technologies and benefits of Dyson V10

Dyson Digital motor V10

Dyson V10 uses “a cyclones system that generates 79,000g to separate dust. Pioneering digital motors that are smaller, faster and more powerful than anything before.” – said by Dyson.

The Dyson Digital motor V10 has a faster spin (125.000 rpm) compared to the V8 (110.000 rpm), using a ceramic center that is 3X harder than the steel shaft motor.

Improved materials for better efficiency

The impeller of the piston is made by Polyether Ether Ketone and carbon fiber.

Thanks to the use of new composite materials, the impeller vane is widened, the airflow is bigger and the suction efficiency is improved

20% more air suction power than Dyson V8

The use of new technologies in motor design allows Dyson V10 to have a linear airflow path, which results in 20% air watt increased compared to the Dyson V8 model. This rearrangement makes the dust bin lines in a straight path with the motor.

7 cell Li-Ion battery for 60 minute run times

The Li-ion battery with high Voltage (525W) delivers up to 60 minutes fade-free run time.

Torque driver cleaner head

Torque driver cleaner head is the latest innovation of Dyson on brush bar. The brush bar is covered with both soft nylon and anti-static carbon fiber for capturing both large debris and fine dust excellently. Inside the brush bar, a motor is set within to transfer the torque to the bar, resulting in deeper cleaning the carpet. Measured by the brand, Dyson V10 has 25% more efficient brush bar than Dyson V8

3 suction levels

The unit has up to 3 suction modes to choose.

Improved filtration for both allergen and noise level

The motor is wrapped with pre-motor filter and post motor filter as a sealed one. Moreover, the noise is also reduced by using sound absorbing materials and acoustic baffles around the motor region.

Dyson V10 variations

At the moment there are 3 options with Dyson V10

  • The Dyson V10 Cyclone Motorhead
  • The Dyson V10 Cyclone Animal
  • The Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

These models use the same technologies in the motor design, filtration system, battery run time. They differ about the brush bar and accessories

Dyson V10 Cyclone Motor head

The V10 motorhead version uses a direct cleaner head, similar to Dyson V8. This version has 2 tools (crevice tool and combination tool). The dust bin size is 0.54 Liters (total weight 5.86 lbs)

Dyson V10 Cyclone Animal

Dyson V10 Cyclone Animal is the core design. This unit has a torque cleaner head, 4 tools (Combination tool, crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, mini-motorized tool) and the dust bin size is 0.77 Liters (total weight 5.88 lbs)

Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute

Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute has a torque cleaner and an additional soft roller head, 4 tools like the V10 Animal and the same dust bin size 0.77 liters (total weight 5.88 lbs).

Customer reviews of Dyson V10

This model is an excellent in its class but there are still a lot of rooms for further improvements. Users particularly mentioned the battery can fade away fast when using with highest suction level (about 10 mins)

Besides, its battery is non-removable therefore it is impossible to upgrade the battery pack for longer using time, like Shark ION F80.

On overall, Dyson Cyclone V10 is a great home vac but it is too pricey.

You can read user’s opinion about this model here  customer reviews of Dyson V10.

Pros and cons of Dyson V10

  • Extremely strong suction
  • Ultra-lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Very quiet
  • Clean dog hairs better than any model
  • HEPA filtration
  • No need to touch the dirty mess
  • Battery life
  • You have to press to have the trigger
  • Expensive

Check how much you can save when buying Dyson Cyclone V10 below.


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Dyson Cyclone V10 reviews, compare with Dyson V8
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Dyson Cyclone V10 reviews, compare with Dyson V8
Advertised as Dyson most powerful, lightest stick that has ever been, let’s discover this Dyson V10 Absolute model, and compare to Dyson V8 to see the greatness of this unit.
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