Prime day robot vacuum deals


Let’s discover which robot vacuum cleaner is discounted on Prime day 2018 with us. We feature only the best models and their pros and cons so you can decide which one is a better option for your need.

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Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews


Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a low price robot vacuum unit. This model has a lot of similarities to famous brands in the robot vac industry, for example Roomba 600s series, ILIFE A4 series, Deebot N79 series, but, Deik model is elevated with more benefits

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Roomba 960 vs 980 – What is the difference


Let's compare Roomba 960 vs 980 - 2 high end robot vacuum cleaners from Irobot about the benefits, popularity and price to have a better choice.

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Neato botvac D7 vs Roomba 980 – A detail comparison


Neato botvac D7 vs Roomba 980 - Compare 2 most advanced robot vac units last update: Introduction When searching for high-end robot vacuum, Roomba 980 and Neato Botvac D7 are two most popular units on the market. Surprisingly, while Roomba model is circular shaped, Neato Botvac [...]

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