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Best grout removal tool – Relive your tile with professional tools with ease

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Introduction Best Grout Removal Tool In 2019

Removing grout will be less burdensome when you use a suitable grout removal tools. Here we present to you the definitive guide for finding the most suitable grout removal tool for your consideration when you need to remake your tile grout either manually or with a powered tool for the coming spring.

Grout Removal Tool: Top 3 Devices

We pick up 3 representative tools for different grout removal styles. While there are hundreds of other tools that have similar functions, these models are chosen for being very popular, affordable price and durable for long time uses. You can read the benefits and use of each model below



​Electric oscillating multi-tool Dremel 3000

an electric grout removal tool for big area use

Electric specialized tool Hyde regrout 19500

an electric regrout tool for grout removal in small area

Manual grout removal tool Bully Tool 91300

a manual floor scraper for grout removal on floor and laminate

?Highly Recommended

Benefits Of A Grout Removal

  • Visual Effects

    ​Because the grout is very easy to get stained and it is very hard to clean after sometimes removing old grout will bring the visual effects to your old floors.

  • Cost Effective

    Removing old grout is cost effective– you do not need to spend more money on new tiles if they are still bright and shiny.

Popular Ways To Remove Old Grout – Practical Tips

There are 3 most popular ways to remove the old grout, that is manual grout removal by using a hand tool with a suitable carbide blade.

  • manual grout removal method

    ​The manual grout removal method is effective when you only need to remove the grout of a small area because when dealing with bigger areas, it requires a lot of handworks which is more time to consume and very tired when removing manually for long times.

    When using the manual hand tool, you should choose the suitable carbide blade with your grout size, and also you need to choose a durable carbide blade to save your labor because the inexpensive blade will be worn very fast.

  • floor scraper

    ​Beside of using a rotary hand tool, you can also use a floor scraper for removing floor grout, floor debris or laminate, resin grout. The casual floor scrapper is inexpensive but when dealing with a sanded tile grout, you should choose a commercial grade floor scrapper so you can re-sharpen it and use for the whole floor area.

  • oscillating tool (a powered multi-tool ) with a grout removal blade

    Third, nowadays people tend to use an oscillating tool (a powered multi-tool ) with a grout removal bladeor a specialized regrout tool for grout removal. This method will reduce the amount of time and the labor works much more than using a manual hand tool.

Best Grout Removal Tools: Top Device Reviews 

Here we present to you the most popular tools that thousands of home-makers are using for grout removal. Depending on your target areas and area size, pick the one that works best your your home.

1.Oscillating Tools (Multi-Tools, Powered Tools) With Grout Removal Blade –  Dremel 3000

The best way to do grout removing is to use an oscillating tool with a grout removal blade. There are quite a lot of popular brand such as Dremel, Dewalt, Ryobi…offer such power tool for you at low expense. The most popular choice and highly recommended model is Dremel 3000-2/28 2 Attachments/28 Accessories Rotary Toolkit

Dremel 3000 is very lightweight and it features variable speed ranging from 5,000 to 32,000 rpm that is perfect for different types of grout (from tile grout, sanded or non-sanded grout, tilling grout, resin grout…) The variable speeds are important because you can adjust the most suitable speed with your grout type to prevent the tile damage.

The Dremel 3000 has 28 different accessories, 2 attachments (sanding guide and cutting guide) backed by 2-year warranty and it is cheaper than other brands like Dewalt or Bosch.

2. Specialized Tool For Regrout – Hyde Regrout – Hyde 19500 Regrout Tool 3-Speed Electric Grout Remover

Hyde Regrout tool is a specialized tool for removing grout job only. The tool works best when you need to remove the grout in small areas such as kitchen counters, sink, bathtub…because it will precisely remove the grout without affecting the tile. This unit has three variable speed up to 7100 rpm so it won’t damage the tile like single speed unit. On the performance side, it can take up 1/8’’ depth of the sanded and non-sanded grout with the speed of 1’’ per second.

The tool is super cheap and ultra-lightweight (1.1 lb.s only) and it is very maneuverable for precision works such as 90-degree corners, V corners…

You should bear in mind that this tool works best for the small area only because when using for bigger footage, you need to spend much more time than using an oscillating tool.

You can watch this video to see how to use this grout removal tool

3. Floor Scrapper For Grout Removal – Bully Tools 91300 Floor Bully Flooring Scraper

This is a commercial grade floor scraper that features a thick gauge steel (11 gauge, equal to 3.048 mm thickness) for a durable using and re-sharpening many times. The tool works super wonderful to remove floor debris and floor grouts.

On the performance side, it features a triple wall fiberglass handle to be very durable and lightweight. It also supports I-beam and has an extended ferrule too. The tool is possible to be replaced or refunded when it fails to perform during normal use.


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