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Shark Ion robot 750 vs Roomba 690

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Shark Ion robot 750 vs Roomba 690 – what is the difference

Feb. 2018


Shark Ion robot 750 is the upgraded version of Shark Ion Robot 720 and Roomba 690 is the upgrade version of Roomba 650. Both models are well known as best robotic vacuum cleaners at 300 range that have the wifi connection. So let’s see what is the main difference between Shark Ion robot 750 and Roomba 690

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Similarities of Shark Ion robot 750 and Roomba 690

These two models share a lot of common features such as best robotic vacuum at 300 range with wifi connection, efficient when cleaning on multi-floors, similar cleaning performance, low profile for easier navigation under furniture, similar running time (about 60 minutes). However, when looking into details, Shark Ion Robot 750 has a lower height than Roomba 690.

Difference of Shark Ion robot 750 and Roomba 690

As mentioned above, Shark Ion robot 750 has a lower height of only 2.6’’, compared to Roomba 690 (3.7’’). While navigation under table, bed… these models show no difficulty to clean under these areas. However, when you need to clean under TV stand and kitchen cabinets, some folks find the Shark Ion robot 750 is much better for them. Therefore to this profile height, it is much depending on your home furniture, rather than the machine performance.

Second, Shark Ion robot 750 is lighter than Roomba 690 (5.5 lbs vs 7.8 lbs)

On the other hands, The Roomba 690 has a shorter charging time than Shark Ion robot 750 ( 120 minutes vs 180 minutes)

Comparison table of Shark Ion robot 750 vs Roomba 690

ComparisonShark Ion Robot 750Roomba 690
Dimensions12.6 x 12.6 x 2.613.0 x 3.7’’
Weight (lbs.)5.57.8
Lithium ion batteryYesYes
Running time (minutes)6060
Charging time (minutes)180120
Filter typeHEPAAerovac Filter
3 stage cleaningYesYes
Auto rechargeYesYes
Manual dockingYesYes
Remote control via appYesYes
Connects to Wi-FiYesYes
Compatible with AlexaYesYes

As both models are very excellent in cleaning performance and navigation, choosing which model will mostly rely on brand reputations and minor differences.

If you have a lot of under furniture areas that needed to be cleaned, then Shark Ion robot 750 will give you an advantage that you do not need to measure these under furniture height to ensure the machine to fit with your home.

On the other hands, Roomba 690 has a faster charging time with is more efficient if you need to clean on daily basis. You can read full reviews of Roomba 690 here.

Price of Shark Ion Robot 750 vs Roomba 690

Both Shark Ion robot 750 vs Roomba 690 are on discount. Check how much you can save and grab one soon as the deal might expire soon

Hope that with the above clarifications between Shark Ion Robot 750 and Roomba 690, you can figure out which model is better for your home when thinking of a robotic vac at 300 range.



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