Fitfirst Personal Space Air Cooler 12F12 reviews

Fitfirst Personal Space Air Cooler 12F12 reviews

Last update 23rd October 2018


The Fitfirst Personal Space Air Cooler 12F12 is a new released portable air cooler which is designed to humidify and cool the air by either water or water and ice, powered with a USB port. This unit is a handy, portable and efficient air cooler for those who need a mini air conditioner at a super low cost. It is suitable for use at home, in your office, kitchen, camping tents. The unit has 3 fan speeds and can run up to 8 hours of continuous use. It will be a great companion in this summer.
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Personal Space Air Cooler is a new trend in recent years thanks to the portability and energy efficient benefits. This new model 12F12 from Fitfirst can cool, humidify and purify the air around you by using either a USB cable or an AC power source. It can store up to 300 mL of water and can run for maximal 8 hours which is higher than the rivals. You can also use ice and essential oil to cool the water and have a pleasant smell while working or sleeping.

Why users choose Fitfirst air cooler?

Fitfirst Personal Space Air Cooler 12F12 has a great rating from users, for its performance and price value. The unit works very well as it is advertised. You can use it to cool, humidify or to purify the air and it can run for 7-8 hours which is a great benefit. The price of this unit is super cheap which is a ready-to-buy and to use for anyone.

Benefits of Fitfirst Personal Space Air Cooler 12F12

  • The air output is really nice. It can cool down 5-6 Celcius degree (without ice) or up to 7-8 Celcius degree (with ice).
  • There is 7 LED lights choice so you can choose which one will suit your room design and personal mood.
  • The fan can be adjustable to move up and down 90 degrees like a full-size air conditioner
  • It is powered by a laptop, power bank, car charger…It is also very lightweight to bring around (just about 0.86 kg)
  • It can run for up to 8 hours.


  • Dimensions: 6.5”X 6.5”X 6.7”
  • Weight: 0.86 kgs
  • Power: 10 watts
  • Fan settings: 3
  • Water reservoir: 300 ML
  • LED lights: yes, 7 colors
  • Adjustable fan blade: yes

Pros and cons


  • The unit is easy to use and it has no noise
  • Suitable for all places from the bedroom to working places.
  • It is very cheap


The water reservoir of this unit is 300 mL, and if you use the unit at highest fan speed, the water is dried up fast. However, as it is a portable air cooler at a small size, we can’t expect this model to have a bigger water reservoir. Just need to refill water 2-3 times if you have to use for the whole day it will be a great machine.


Fitfirst Personal Space Air Cooler 12F12 is an efficient portable air cooler that can be a good alternative to an air conditioning. The compact design of this unit lets it fits perfectly for the bedroom, office table, car and whenever you need cool air.