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    How to choose cleaning formula for maximizing cleaning results

    When using a carpet cleaner, there are quite a lot of cleaning formulas available on the market from famous brands and from carpet cleaner manufacturers too. When dealing with difficult cleaning tasks, you can optimize your cleaning results by following these chosen tips.


      Making DIY bookshelf ideas

      Making DIY bookshelf ideas If you love to build the bookshelf or other furniture by recycling cartons, wood stocks to make your home an original, aesthetic place with your personal taste, then you might love those ideas to build those DIY works when you are having free time. What you need is just a few […]


        How to declutter your house

        There is a fact that in nowadays society we buy, collect, store a lot of stuffs and forget to organize them in a proper way. Therefore, we always feel our home is too messy. Here are a few tips that will help you to re-organize your home and you never need to live a messy life any longer.


          How to find a carpet cleaner under budget

          Last update: April. 2018 Carpet shampooers don’t have to be costly. There are a few tips that I would like to suggest for you before jumping to get any carpet shampooer. Follow these tips, you can get the same carpet shampooer model with cheaper price. Actually, sometimes you can buy at only 50% of the sale […]


            Carpets from Kashmir

            Carpets from Kashmir There are numerous hand knotted woolen carpet producing centers in India but traditional hand knotted silk carpets in India can only be found in Kashmir. The origins of the traditional silk carpets of Kashmir can be traced to the Mughal period. Hand knotted pure silk carpets are world famous for their softness […]

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