Black Friday Vitamix Deals 2018

Black Friday Vitamix Deals & Discounts 2018

Black Friday Vitamix Deals 2018

Last update: 13th November 2018


If you intend to upgrade your countertop blender this Black Friday 2018, you should never forget to check for Vitamix brand. Vitamix blender is perhaps the most famous brand in the industry.

While on regular days, Vitamix does not have much discount on their countertop blender models, we expect the brand to have deep discount up to 30% during the event.

Pre-sale models

At the moment, we have tracked 2 models that have discounts

Vitamix Professional Series 750

This model is rated as the best blender among any brand. Featured by 2 horse power, 5 program settings and variable speed settings, you can use this unit for productivity (in coffee house, restaurant) and custom smoothies, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, baby foods and so on.

  • Pros: powerful but quiet, easy to clean, 5 speed settings and Pulse feature to control the texture of the recipe you need.
  • Cons: expensive but you pay for the value.

Vitamix 5200 Blender

This model is a better option if you need to cut the price. Vitamix 5200 Blender has 10 speed settings that you can control by a dial at any time during the blend. It also has a large container (64 oz., similar to the professional 750), a similar blade and motor to give the same efficiency.

This unit, on the other hand does not have 5 program settings.

  • Pros: powerful and quiet, low price, easy to use
  • Cons: not versatile as the Professional series.

How to choose a Vitamix Blender

We all know that Vitamix Blenders are very powerful, high performance but it can be frustrated to figure out which model is the best option. If you plan to pick a Vitamix blender on Black Friday 2018, apart from the price discount, you should also need to consider what benefits you want to get from the blender.

There are 4 common types of Vitamix blenders designed to meet everyone’s need: smart blender for who loves technologies, single person use blender, family use blender and blender for coffee shop.

Let’s discover the difference of them.

Smart blender (Ascent series)

The blender is connect with Bluetooth so that you can explore the full benefits of the blender. You can control the blender with 17 programs and 500+ recipes with the App and just walk away while the blender makes delicious meal.

There are 2 popular models

  • Vitamix A2300, 64 oz container
  • Vitamix A2500, 64 oz container

Professional grade blender for family (Explorian series)

The blender has up to 10 speed settings and pulse settings to create different thickness and texture. It uses a 48 oz. container which is enough for a family of four.

With professional grade blender, you can make a variety of foods, smoothies, salad dressings, grinding coffees and nuts and even making dough for baking hobbies.

There is one popular model

  • Vitamix E310

Professional Grade for single person ( S-series)

The blender has a small container which is enough for 1- 2 servings (40 oz). It is packed with full features like variable speed settings, pulse setting, power blend setting, 4 pre-set program.

There is one popular model

  • Vitamix S50

Professional Grade blender for big family, coffee shop

The blender is designed to deliver high performance and productivity. This is the most popular choice for family and business.

There are 3 popular models

  • Vitamix 5200 (deal spotted)
  • Vitamix 750 (deal spotted)
  • Vitamix 7500

The table below compares the most popular Vitamix blenders

Model5200 7507500E310A2300A3500
Container Size64-ounce64-ounce64-ounce48-ounce64-ounce64-ounce
Variable Speed ControlYes YesYesYesYesYes
Program SettingsNoYesNoNoNoYes
Touch Screen ControlNoNoNoNoNoYes
Built in TimerNoNoNoNoYesYes
Self-Detect TechnologyNoNoNoNoYesYes

Black Friday Vitamix Deals 2018

Here is the list of the most popular, highly-recommended countertop blender from Vitamix that you may consider during the event. Some models have discounted so far and some others will be updated when the discount is tracked.

  1. Vitamix A2300
  2. Vitamix A2500
  3. Vitamix E310
  4. Vitamix S50
  5. Vitamix 5200 (deal spotted)
  6. Vitamix 750 (deal spotted)
  7. Vitamix 7500

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