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Black Friday Ecovacs Deebot Deals And Discounts

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Black Friday 2018 is over, we are happy to inform the best robot vacuum cleaner daily deals for your considerations.


If you want to pick a robot vacuum deals on Black Friday 2018, Ecovacs Deebot is the brand that you should never forget to look after. A lot of Deebot models are very affordable and high performance. Compare with iRobot Roomba, Ecovacs Deebot price is just about ½ but the cleaning efficiency is somehow very similar.

Deals Of The Day

A lot robotic vacuum models from Ecovacs have been available with huge discounts. Worthy to mention are 3 models: Deebot N79, Deebot N79S, Deebot 601.

Deal #1

Deebot N79

Deal #2

Deebot N79S

Deal #3

Deebot 601

Deebot N79 – this is the most successful robotic vacuum of the brand. This unit is a an affordable, effective robot vac for large area. It is capable of continuous running up to 120 minutes. You can control this robot vac by smartphone or a remote. Currently, it is discounted 33% off so you can save up to nearly 100 dollars. This model is highly recommended for seniors, home with bare floors and low pile carpets.

Deebot N79S – an upgrade version of the Deebot N79, by adding Alexa skill. This model delivers similar performance with the Deebot N79, but now you can control this robot with Alexa voice. This model currently has huge discount 50% off so you can save up to 150 dollars on this model today. We expect this deal is the best one from Ecovacs brand during this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday event.

Deebot 601 – this model adapts newer sensor technologies (2.5 generation), compared to the Deebot N79 and N79S. Therefore, it can cover 30% more areas than the above models. Besides, there are two specialized modes for cleaning pet hairs so that it is a good option if you have pets at home. This model is also Alexa compatible. Currently, Deebot 601 has a huge discount 43% off, you can save up to 150 dollars today.

Top Rated Deebot Models

Apart from the above deals, there are still other options from Ecovacs with deals and discounts. Here is the list of top rated Deebot models in 2018 so you to consider.







Deebot N79S

Suitable for most home with multiple floor surfaces

  • Great suction, max mode included
  • Alexa compatible
  • 120 min runtime
  • Noise level: 67 dB
  • No HEPA
  • Great for pet hairs

Deebot M80

Suitable for hardwood floor, laminate floors

  • A wet/Dry mop
  • Quiet (56 dB), big dustbin (500 mL)
  • Alexa compatible
  • Pick pet hairs on carpet
  • Good for home with kids and pet to clean spillage

Deebot N79

Suitable for most home with multiple floor surfaces, no Alexa

  • Great suction
  • Remote control (no
  • wifi connection)
  • Long runtime (100 mins)
  • Easy to use
  • Low price
  • Suitable for seniors

Deebot M80 PRo

Suitable for seniors with pets at home

  • A wet/Dry mop
  • Quiet (56 dB), big dustbin (500mL)
  • Alexa compatible
  • Pick pet hairs on carpet
  • Direct suction option, auto charge benefit

Deebot OZMO 930

Suitable for home with a lot of furniture

  • Advanced wet/dry
  • mop with smart navigation technologies
  • All floor types can use
    Custom cleaning mode included
  • Virtual boundary included

Deebot 601

Suitable for home with pets

  • Upgrade version of Deebot N79
  • More area coverage (up to 1300 sq ft)
  • Alexa compatible
  • S-Shaped systematic cleaning benefit
  • An upgrade on the navigation system (2.5 gen)

How To Choose A Low Price Deebot During Black Friday

There are two types of robot vacuums from Ecovacs (Deebot): standard and wet/dry robot.

Standard Deebot

The standard robot vac line is similar to Roomba, Shark ION, Eufy…They are capable of cleaning hard floors, thin carpets.

Some models use a remote control (Deebot N79) and some others use a smartphone (Deebot N79S) to control via Deebot App or Alexa Skill.

If you plan to choose a standard unit from Ecovacs, there are 3 models with discount available:

  • Deebot N79 (no wifi) suitable for seniors, kids and users who love to use a remote
  • Deebot N79S (wifi connected) suitable for most home.
  • Deebot 601 (advanced navigation sensors) suitable for home with irregular shape, home with a lot of table, furniture.

Wet/Dry Deebot

The wet/dry robot line is capable of both tasks: vacuuming and wet-mopping. It is suitable for hard floors, laminate floors where a polish look is more prefered.

Some models can only use for hard floors (Deebot M80, M80 Pro series) and some others are capable for all floor surfaces (Deebot OZMO).

We expect Ecovacs will offer deeper discounts when Black Friday comes, up to 40% on their best selling models (Deebot N79 and N79S). 

However, some models are soon going out of stock.

Deebot N79 and M82 are often out of stock even before Black Friday. If you intend to grab one, you should keep track of their price and stocking units at the same time.