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Cleaning tips: Clean carpet easily with vinegar and baking soda

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There are many instances that you might need a DIY cleaning solution to clean your floor, carpets..such as

  • You are having a small baby and you are afraid of using toxic chemicals
  • You are in an emergency that you need to tackle the spots and stains immediately
  • You want to experience the cleaning efficiency of DIY cleaning solution and compare to commercial products

So, if this is your case, you can grab several items available in your kitchen, following our tips below


If this is the first time you make DIY cleaning formula, should you try on a hidden corner of the carpet, to avoid any damage possible because some types of carpet prefer special care products (for instance: wool carpet).



Vinegar is one of the most popular substance that have many functions, and of the best part is that it is very useful to use vinegar for cleaning carpet, dirt and stains.

The vinegar is capable because it contains organic acid (weak acetic acid, gives vinegar the sour taste) that can clean the dirt, stain and grease quite well.

How to use vinegar to clean the carpet?

By hand

  • Add 3-4 cup of vinegar to a bucket of water ( with 1-2 liters of water)
  • First, vacuum the whole carpet both sides to remove dirt and dust
  • Second, scrub the carpet with the above solution. If there are spots and stains, use vinegar+ shampoo solution to have a better cleaning effect
  • Rinse the carpet with water

By using a carpet cleaner

  • Instead of using the cleaning detergent, now you can add 3-4 cups of vinegar in replace of cleaning solution. After cleaning, you may need to dry the carpet by a fan because it will have vinegar odor.

Baking Soda


Baking soda is another wonderful carpet cleaning substance that you can use ideally for spot removal. If your carpet has some spot stains, you can make the baking soda solution for initial spot cleaning..

Mix a part of dry baking soda powder with vinegar to form a thick liquid, then add a bit of warm water to create a thick mixture. You can use the toothpaste to clean the spot now.


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