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UV vacuum cleaner – The new weapon for killing dust mites and allergies

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UV Vacuum Cleaner – The New Weapon For Killing Dust Mites


Dust mites, bacteria and all sources of allergies are major pains for millions of people and a standard vacuum unit can only reduce the amount of them, but incapable of killing them. As the UV lights can destroy the cell structures, a lot of vacuum cleaner brands have introduced a new concept called UV vacuum cleaner, which is exclusively designed to kill the allergies such as dust mites, fungi, bacteria and beg bugs. Let’s discover how these UV vacuum cleaners work and the best-rated models available at this time.

Best UV Vacuum Cleaner – Top 3 Model Reviews

1. Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA – Most Popular For Mattress, Bed, Sofa

This model is the most popular UV vacuum cleaner, and it is a good option for users who are looking for an affordable price, reliable UV vacuum for reducing the risk of allergies and actively removing the dust mites.

How does it work?

  • This unit combines a series of tactics to remove, kill, vacuum and control the dust mites, therefore, it is very effective in dust mite control.
  • First, it uses a high-frequency vibration to beat out the dust mites from deep of mattress and sofa (3800 times per min).
  • Second, it applies double suction power to vacuum them away from the mattress.
  • Third, it uses UV light to destroy the dust mite cells
  • Fourth, it uses hot air at 55 Celcius degree to dry up the mattress, preventing the dust mites to grow again.

Remarkable technologies behind this model are

  • UV light tube at 253.7 nm
  • Hot air at 55 Celcius degree
  • HEPA filtration combined with activated charcoal carbon for keeping the dust mites inside and filtering the released air
  • 3800 vibrations per minute technology
  • Super lightweight at 2.82 lbs
  • 8.5 PKa motor power
  • 160 mL dust bin capacity
  • Removable and washable filters

Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV vacuum cleaner with HEPA is exclusively designed for the mattress, sofa, bedding sheets and above floor surfaces. This model is a portable device, not for whole floor cleaning.

2. Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum Cleaner With 10.5 KPa – Bigger Dust Bin, Second Popular Choice

This model is an upgrade version of the above one, by using a higher capacity components such as a motor of 10.5 pKa, a higher vibration frequency at 6000 times per minutes, a high precision mute motor to reduce the noise and an intelligent security UV switch to detect if you are not using the vacuum, the brush and UV will switch off automatically to keep you safe from the UV light. Apart from these changes, then this unit still have the core technologies such as HEPA filtration, UV tube at 253 nm, activated carbon filtration and a big dustbin size at 200mL. To compensate for these higher parameters, this unit is about 4.7 lbs, which is still lightweight to handle.

As this is an upgraded unit, this model is also very popular and receive high ratings from consumers too.

Remarkable technologies

  • Power Rating: 350W
  • Suction Strength: 10.5KP
  • Beating Frequency: 6000cycle/min
  • 253.7 nm UV light tube
  • 200mL dustbin
  • 4.7 lbs in weight

This model is also exclusively designed for handling mattress, sofa, bed sheets and similar surfaces. It is not for whole floor cleaning.

3. Housmile 12kPa UV Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA – For Both Mattress And Floor Carpets

This unit is designed for cleaning both mattress and floors by adding a telescopic wand 35 inches length, which is good for not only cleaning your bedding but also to floor carpets and area rugs.

To give more suction power when cleaning on floors and carpets, this model has a higher motor voltage 12 pKa. Interestingly, the unit is still very lightweight at 5.7 lbs only, which is so easy for users to use either as a handheld device or an upright device.

This model remains the core technologies of Housmile UV vacuum, including UVC light, HEPA filtration, strong suction power. Since it is an all-in-one machine at the low price, it lacks two features of the unit optimized for mattress cleaning, which are high-frequency vibration and hot air technology.

How A UV Vacuum Cleaner Work

  • Unique light frequency

    ​A UV vacuum cleaner uses a unique light frequency that is proved to kill germs and bacteria, ranging from 200 to 280 nm (this frequency is named as UVC which is invisible to human eyes).

  • UVC alter the cell structure

    ​The UVC alter the cell structure, the DNA of the dust mites, bacteria, fungi and so on. Therefore they can not reproduce and eventually lead to fatality.

    Using UVC for sterilization if a conventional way in hospitals and labs, now this is widely applied to the home appliance such as the UV vacuum cleaner.

  • HEPA filtration, sealed air system and strong motor.

    ​Apart from using UVC, the UV vacuum cleaner still have all of the required features and technologies for vacuuming and filtration, such as HEPA filtration, sealed air system and strong motor.

  • high vibration technology, hot air technology

    To achieve a higher removal of allergies such as dust mites, bacteria, viruses and fungi, an UV vacuum unit has additional technologies such as high vibration technology, hot air technology and so on.

    When using a UV vacuum cleaner, you should remember do not touch the UV light when it is on, as it can cause damage to the dust mite cells, and so to human cells.

Who Needs A UV Vacuum Cleaner

People with allergies will benefit from the UV vacuum cleaner more than a casual unit. With a standard vacuum unit (with HEPA filtration layer), you can actively remove the bed bugs, dust mites and so on but you can’t actually kill them. Therefore, they are able to replicate again and this is very troublesome if you forget to clean your home, mattress, sofa on a regular routine.

A UV vacuum unit will ultimately destroy the dust mites, bacteria, viruses,…, and these dead cells will be removed and kept inside the machine with a HEPA filter. In addition, most UV vacuum units at the moment are designed for mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning so it is very lightweight, compact and affordable.

Best UV Vacuum Cleaner: The Top List

  1. Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV vacuum cleaner with HEPA – most popular choice

  2. Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV vacuum cleaner with 10.5 KPa

  3. Housmile 12kPa UV vacuum cleaner with HEPA

  4. Raycop Lite UV HEPA vacuum

  5. Rollibot BL618- Quiet robot vacuum cleaner with UV light

  6. Oreck Halo UVC vacuum cleaner


If you are dealing with allergies, an UV vacuum cleaner will be one of the greatest companion for you to deal with dust mites, bacteria and more. These UV vacuum units are new concept, yet they have received positive feedback from a lot of consumers and the price is  very cheap too.

UV lights are capable of causing cell damages therefore you also need to read the manual carefully to use the device in a correct way too.


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