Hoover REACT vs Dyson


Hoover REACT is the latest vacuum cleaner line from Hoover brand in 2017 and there models share a lot of similarities with Dyson vacuum unit. Comparing between Hoover REACT and Dyson vacuum cleaner will be an interesting task to do.

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Hoover REACT Professional Pet Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum

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November 2017

Hoover REACT Bagless Upright Vacuum model UH77220PC is one of the four Hoover latest upright vacuum cleaner (REACT line) designed for a professional, deep cleaning performance for the home with pets. This model is featured by using Hoover latest intelligent technologies (Floorsense and Windtunnel surge) for optimal cleaning on difference surfaces, and it has the biggest dust cup of 1.5 L longest cord and longest hose length (compared with other REACT upright vacuums). Let’s discuss this model benefits and compare with others REACT upright vacuums and other brands to see its pros and cons.

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Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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last updated: November 2017

Hoover REACT is the latest vacuum cleaner line from Hoover brand which is designed with intelligent technologies for improving the cleaning performance. The Hoover REACT Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner is the 2-in-1 vacuum model which has a similar design with Dyson cordless stick models but its price is just a half of Dyson’s unit. Let’s review the Hoover REACT cordless stick vacuum and compare it with the top rated 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner like Dyson V7 to see the pros and cons of this model.

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Dyson V7 trigger cord-free handheld vacuum


Dec. 2017

The Dyson V7 trigger is the latest cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that has just released in October 2017 which is an upgrade version of the Dyson V6 trigger, by increasing the battery using time up to 30 minutes fade free per charge. Because both models has the same configuration and price range, opting the Dyson V7 trigger is a better choice at the moment.

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Bissell TurboClean Powerbrush Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner


update Jan 2018

Bissell released the TurboClean Powerbrush Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner, model 2085 to offer a cheap and reliable carpet cleaning machine to the market. This model has a very attractive price (in price range somewhere of $100) which can be one of the cheapest upright model from Bissell. It is recommended for home with pets, low-pile carpets and rugs. You can check the current price and possible discount of this model here, or read our detail reviews of the model below.

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