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Amazon prime day kitchen deals 2018

Last update 26th May 2019

Prime day has ended. At the moment you can check for today kitchen deals on Amazon website, featuring today’s deals, lightning deals and limited time sales.

Kitchen appliances from great brands are always expensive. The prime day is a great chance for consumers to seek their favorite items at a reduced cost. Let’s discover the best kitchen deals on Prime day 2018 (current deals and upcoming deals are also noticed).

Prime day kitchen deals -what you can expect

Instant Pot

Instant Pot is the 3rd most popular deal last year (just after Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, a Bluetooth speaker with thousands of skills like asking for searching on the web, asking for the weather, the direction, light control…). At the moment, we have seen several instant pots discounts at great amount already. If you want to enjoy cooking at home, a multi-functional instant pot will be a good choice.

Air Fryer

Air Fryer is the recent trend of cooking when people are paying more attention to a healthier lifestyle. An air fryer will cook all kind of fried foods quickly. The best thing here is that it uses a shorter cooking time and does not use vegetable oils for frying. Therefore, the nutritional value is preserved and you do not have to take up the oil into your body.


Vitamix is a great blender for preparing the smoothie, hot soup and frozen dessert recipes with pre-programmed settings. Vitamix blenders are backed with 5-year full warranty and 30-day guarantee, ensuring to deliver the best experience to the users. The price of Vitamix blenders are expensive all the time, however, we expect they will have great discounts on Prime Day like last year.

Kitchen gadget deals

  • Kitchen timer
  • Food storage organizer
  • Kitchen scale

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Prime day kitchen deals 2018 -16th July
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Prime day kitchen deals 2018 -16th July
Amazon Prime day kitchen deals 2018 is one of the best opportunity to upgrade your kitchen with less cost. Epic deals from great brands like Vitamix, Instant Pot and dozens of well trusted brands have offers on this day. Check them out