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How To Choose The Best Carpet For Pets And High Traffic

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The flooring in the bedroom or the kitchen is quite different from the one done on the staircase or the living room. This is because these two (living room and staircase) are high traffic areas that everyone in the house, including pets, use in their every waking moment. That’s why you need the best carpet for pets and high traffic; for durability, practicality and to make sure every member of the family is comfortable. Ease of cleaning, the color of the carpet as well as construction has a significant impact when you are picking a pet-safe carpet.

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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Carpets

The following are some of the things you should consider when shopping for a carpet;

1. Fiber options

The most important thing you should consider when picking a pet-friendly carpet is the carpet fiber because it affects the durability as well as its look. Some of these options that you can choose from are;

  • Triextra

    This is a somewhat new type of fiber that’s been partially manufactured from corn sugar. This fiber has superior stain-resistant properties, and it is also quite resilient. It is one of the best carpets for pet owners due to the anti-stain properties. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to compare it with since it is relatively new in the market

  • Nylon

    Nylon is the most resilient fiber for making carpets; the only bummer is that it has to be treated with a stain protector once in a while. 6.6 nylon is the strongest and softest type of fiber. Even though it has to be treated with stain protectors, this is the most comfortable carpet to clean. With pets and kids, you need a carpet that is easy to clean

  • Polyester

    Polyester is a stain-resistant fiber, it is cushy, but it is not the best carpet for pet owners. Polyester carpets shed quickly, and are hard to clean. It might be soft and cushy, but this carpet would wear out fast if installed on high traffic areas and in a house with pets.

  • olefin

    This is the best carpet for high traffic areas and pets because it resists mildew, staining, and fading. It is quite affordable but not as long-lasting as compared to nylon; it is, however, suitable for pet-friendly carpeting.

2. Durability

Durability is a characteristic that you should not ignore because, carpets on the living room and high traffic areas, for example, the staircase are the most affected. From kids to pets rolling on the mat and maybe even scratching on the carpet, durability should be the first thing you consider when shopping for the best carpet for pet owners.

One of the quickest ways to test for durability is by bending the tip of the carpet backward. If the place you had bent easily shows, then the rug should be considered low quality. Such a mat would crush fast, thus prompting you to buy another.

Pro Tip

To measure the carpet's durability, check the tuft twist, the face weight as well as the density rating. In most cases, we recommend five or more tuft twist. Moreover, it should be 34 to 40 ounces with the density rate being 2,000 or even higher depending on your preferences.

3. Berber vs Shag

If your family spends the better part of the day in the living, then you should get a soft carpet to ensure everyone is having a good time. Other than investing in a naturally soft carpet, one can achieve softness by placing a carpet cushion underneath the mat. The under pad does not need to be firm for the carpet to be soft and durable; with memory foam, padded carpets can achieve both.

4. Easy cleaning

The best carpet for pets and high traffic are the ones that are easy to clean. As you well know, pets and people tend to use high traffic areas a lot, and this means that they get dirty quickly. Besides, toddlers will spill foodstuff when eating; pets will also keep lying on the carpet, thus shedding too much hair. Therefore, buying the best stain-resistant carpet will be an added advantage since you’ll just be doing your regular carpet cleaning.

5. The color of the carpet

Picking a medium shade carpet when shopping for the best carpet for pet accidents, getting a light shade carpet color will be your best bet. Light brown, blue, or gray work well in areas where food is likely to spill or where pets are bound to have accidents since the stains will be hard to see.

Staying away from light and dark colored carpets is such a good idea. Always go for medium shade carpets because they never show dirt. In most cases, dark-colored carpets are bound to show the dirt from dog hair or even food crumbs. Besides, medium shade carpets add some warmth into the house while reducing the chance of the carpet looking dirty from food or pet hair. Moreover, medium shaded carpets add some warmth to the house.

How to protect high traffic areas

The best news is that you can control how fast your pet-friendly carpeting ages or looks. For example, you can put runner rags on the hallway because this is one of the areas with the most substantial traffic. The best thing about runner rugs is that they protect the carpeting from aging quickly. You can remove the mats, clean them, and bring them back to cover the carpeting. Runners also help you to have a variety of textures and colors which makes your interior décor look better and classy.


To protect your staircase, plastic runners are the best because they provide you with the best traction not to mention protection from sliding. Also, plastic runners can easily be fixed with wood transition bars or just standard metal.

Before you go shopping for the best carpet for pets and high traffic, take some time to think about the longevity of whatever carpet you pick. Making good decisions when buying a carpet will save you a lot of headaches and never-ending trips to get new carpets.

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