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Best enzyme carpet cleaners


When you have dogs, cats at home, cleaning the home and pet’s urine is very intimidating if we don’t use an enzyme cleaner because normal cleaning products are ineffective to remove the urine crystals.  Enzyme cleaners (or so-called enzymatic cleaners) are substances that can break down the urine thanks to bio-activities of the formula. Here we present the best enzymatic cleaners that are trusted by thousands of users which is reliable, cost-effective and safe for our health.

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Best spot carpet cleaners – reviews, rating and buying tips


Treating pet messes and pet urine is not a big deal when you have a suitable spot carpet cleaner. Although there are about over 20+ portable versions, there are a few spot carpet cleaners for pet stains as they have some exclusive features which are all optimized for cleaning stains easily.

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Irobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum reviews


The introduction of Roomba 690 is a great addition to Roomba series because it is only half-price of other Roomba models (around under $350 range) while there are a lot of benefits that users can get from this Roomba.

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