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Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green

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Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green – What is the difference

last update: 16th June 2019


Among dozens of spot carpet cleaners designed for stains and pet messes cleaning offered by Bissell, there are two models recommended by experts: Bissell Little Green 14259, and Bissell Spotclean professional 3624.

bissell spot clean vs little green compared

Bissell Spot Clean 3624 and Bissell Little Green Proheat 14259 are among the best rated, most popular choice. They possess strong motor power, small, compact and easy to use.

Bissell Spot Clean 3624 is considered as Bissell most powerful portable model and Bissell Little Green 14259 is a small-but-mighty version.

Let’s discuss the key differences between them to see which one is a better option for you.

Check prices and deals of Bissell Spotclean and Bissell Little Green spot carpet cleaners below.

Similarities between Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green

Although Bissell has a wide spectrum of portable carpet cleaners, these two are the most popular models. They are designed as a compact, fully assembled the unit for cleaning upholstery, stair, stain, carpet and rug, and so on.

Both models are pitching at the same price range, but each of them has different advantages.

Differences between Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green

Cleaning flexibility

Bissell Spot Clean 3624 is a full option machine, designed for cleaning from carpet to upholstery and auto interior. This unit comes along with a 5 ft. flex hose for cleaning hard-to-reach area. The machine has a 3’’ tough stain tool and 6’’ stair tool that you can use for cleaning from stair to sofas, auto interiors,…

Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green
Bissell Spot Clean construction and attachments

Bissell Little Green 14259 is optimized for stain cleaning, especially when dealing with tough stain and tight areas. This model has a built-in heater that can heat up and keep the tap water warm during the cleaning process. The body shape of this unit is also very compact, you can bring it into a car for detailing job with ease.

bissell-little-green reviews
Bissell Little Green construction and attachments

Suction power

You might not know that Bissell Little Green 14259 uses the strongest motor power (9 amps rating), which offers superior suction power. It leaves the carpet nearly dry after cleaning.

Bissell Spot Clean 3624 uses a strong motor of 5.7 amps rating, this is the second strongest motor of the brand. This motor is equal to full-size upright units, such as Bissell 1622, Bissell Powersteamer 1623.

Water tank efficiency

Bissell Little Green 14259 is very compact and lightweight. That is understandable since its water tank is about 48 ounces only.

Bissell Spot Clean 3624 has a more generous water tank which is 0.75 gallons (96 oz) which is 2-fold of the counterpart. Therefore, you can expect to be able to clean more spots and areas with this model.


Bissell Little Green 14259 is an eco-friendly machine. The machine is built by up to 50% of recycled plastic. Besides, the internal heater is a great bonus because you do not need to cook hot water before cleaning (if you need to). It comes with onboard tool and a 2-in-1 crevice tool for cleaning tight places.

Bissell Spot Clean 3624 has bigger water capacity and more tools for various cleaning tasks. It has a longer cord (22 ft.) and 5 ft. Hose to help you reach farther.


Bissell Spot Clean 3624 gives you more flexibility for various cleaning tasks, whereas Bissell Little Green 14259 tackles worst stains better due to stronger suction power. If you only have floor carpets, Bissell Little Green 14259  will be a perfect option. On the other hand, Bissell Spot Clean 3624 is a ready-to-buy for any cleaning purpose.


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Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green - What is the difference
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Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green - What is the difference
Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green are two most popular carpet cleaners opted by thousands of consumers for cleaning pet stains and urine, but do you know which model is better for your home? This article will explain the main differences between them.
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