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WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum reviews

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WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum reviews

Update: Feb. 2018


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Dust Buster Cordless, WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum is the best-rated handheld vacuum cleaner which is very cheap and excellent for cleaning performance. At only about 50 bucks, this model has all of the advanced features that can only see in the high-end unit such as Li-ion battery, HEPA filtration, Pet hair eraser tool and this model passed CE, F, and UL certifications. Let’s check for the benefits of this unit and the reason why it is very adorable and highly rated by hundreds of consumers.

Why people love WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Consumers love Welikera model for its attractive price and powerful suction. Specifically,

  • The price of WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum is very cheap when compared with other brands (the similar models). For instance, Hoover Cruise cordless unit or Hoover Linx cordless unit has the similarities with this model but Welikera unit is just 1/2 – 1/3 price of Hoover’s units.
  • It is powerful. The unit has a strong suction that can lift up spillage, crumbs, ash, liquids and pet hair effectively. Besides, it features a pet hair eraser tool for picking up long pet hair on the higher surfaces better.
  • It has a carrying bag which is very handy for storing the unit and its attachments (crevice nozzle, brush…)
  • It can run for up to 25 minutes when fully charged, which is much longer than Hoover Linx cordless unit (about 15 minutes)
  • It has a stainless steel filter, washable and more durable than a HEPA filter 20X
  • It is ultra-lightweight, cordless, has Led lights and not very loud when using.
WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum reviews

WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum and attachments

Technologies and specifications of WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum

  • Construction: a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner for home use. Featured by a low price, strong suction, durable filter and long run time.
  • Battery- Li-ion type which is universal for any cordless unit. The battery of Welikera model can last for 25 minutes when fully charged which is more than other rivals
  • Type: wet dry cordless handheld vacuum
  • Suction technology – cyclonic suction technology which is often found in Hoover, Bissell, Shark and Dyson models. The cyclonic suction can easily pick up dust, crumbs, pet hair and so much more.
  • Removable and washable filter made of stainless steel for 20X more durable than a normal HEPA
  • Built-in LED lights for cleaning better in dark areas such as doing car detailing jobs, under furniture
  • Accessories: brush, crevice nozzle, soft pipe, carrying bag
  • Dimensions: 13 x 3 x 2’’
  • Weight: 2.78 lbs
  • Passed CE, FC, UL certification
  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V
  • Power: 100W

Pros and cons of WELIKERA 12V 100W Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Pros: this unit is very cheap and has many advanced features such as HEPA filter, Li-ion battery for up to 25 minutes run time and cyclonic suction. It can use for both wet and dry cleaning and great at cleaning tight spaces such as car detailing, computer, food messes…The model is a great cordless vacuum at the low price.

Cons: The model can’t replace a full-size upright vacuum model because it does not have the brush roll feature.



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