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Quiet vacuum cleaner

last update: 21st September 2018

If you are looking for a quiet vacuum cleaner but still have powerful suction and versatility, let’s check our definitive guide where we analyze 30+ quietest vacuum cleaners in all design including canister, upright, cordless and corded unit to short-list to a few best silent units with great performance for your consideration.

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What is the best quiet vacuum

A quiet vacuum cleaner is a common seek in these recent years since it gives users more comfortability and reduces distress for the old person. Besides, if you are having pets at home, it is likely that a vacuum cleaner with low noise will not scare them too much.

A quiet vacuum cleaner is defined by the noise level it creates during operation which is under 70 dB. This is much lower than a casual unit (which is mostly 80 dB-100 dB).

When searching a vacuum cleaner at low noise, you also need to combine with suction power, ergonomic value and the price to gain more benefits from your purchase.

Best silent vacuum- quick buying tips

When choosing any unit, you first have to consider your floor types (you need a silent vacuum for hardwood floor and tile only, or you also want to clean high pile carpet), your companions at home (do you have dog and cat), the price and the brand you would like to choose. Here are a few quick tips that will help you to figure out what you need to look for

If you need a silent vacuum for bare floors (like hardwood, tiles, sealed laminate…)

When dealing with bare floors, then you can either pick an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister unit with high-quality floor attachment.

There are quite many canister units and a few upright units that can satisfy your demands from a lot of great brands such as Miele, Electrolux, Sanitaire, Shark…with low noise level.

Each model will have pros and cons differently because they are aimed at different cleaning demands ,however, a good unit should have strong airflow and suction power, adjustable suction level, large dust bin, lightweight, easy to use, high quality additional tools and a long cord.

Cheap units tend to have less features and stiff swivel control while  a well constructed unit will have a higher price mostly.

When you need a silent vacuum for pets

If you are in this case, then you should look for models with HEPA filtration (or S-class filtration), preferable if it has odor filter and a motorized brush tool for effective pickup pet hairs from above surfaces.

When you need a quiet vacuum for hard floors and carpet cleanings

You should look for models with a brush roll optimized for picking up pet hair from rugs or carpets (a beater bar included model). Besides, cleaning carpet requires a stronger suction power, therefore, you should also notice the airflow and suction power that the unit can deliver. You might need a powerful cordless stick unit or a full-size upright unit for better performance than a canister version.

Best quiet vacuum cleaner list 2018

Here are the best-rated models with low noise (measured by dB) which also deliver throughout cleaning performance with high rating from consumers

NoBrand- modelDesignNoise level (dB)Price and details
1Shark APEX Duoclean AX951full-size uprightaround 65 dBCheck price
2Miele Dynamic U1full-size uprightunder 70 dBCheck price
3Sebo Automatic X4full-size uprightaround 66 dBCheck price
4Dyson V8cordless stickunder 70 dBCheck price

Apart from the highly recommended units above, there are still several vacuum cleaner with low noise under 70 dB from other brands such as

  • Electrolux Ultrasilencer
  • Sanitaire Silent Performer
  • Hoover Quiet Force bagged canister unit
  • Panasonic quiet force vacuum

However, these models are not the popular choice for consumers, they are also less flexible and powerful than the models in the list, but they are cheaper therefore they can be a great alternative option if you are in a tight budget

Best quiet vacuum in 2018: Detail model reviews

1. Shark APEX Duoclean AX951

” Shark APEX Duoclean AX951 – Shark most advanced upright unit for ultimate performance on all floor types. Appeared by the end of 2017 and gain popularity and high rating on the market, this can be regarded as best quiet upright vacuum”

best silent vacuum


Shark APEX Duoclean AX951 is Shark latest vacuum cleaner which has all of Shark advanced technologies for better performance, such as an improved brushroll (a bristle and a soft roller on a single brush head), advanced sealed air system plus HEPA for more efficient filtration than standard HEPA 10 times, smooth gliding wheels, lift-away canister for cleaning under bedding and sofa, and this unit uses Shark unique insulation technology that reduces the noise level down under 70 dB (it is measured around 65 dB in reality)

Highlighting benefits

  • Strongest shark vacuum cleaner
  • Powerful suction (11.3 amps motor), comparable to Dyson strongest unit (Dyson Animal 2)
  • Large dustbin (1.5 dry quarts) with sealed air system and HEPA
  • Fingertips control, bright LEDs for more convenience
  • Perform excellent on both bare floor and high plush carpets
  • Great for pulling out pet hairs from carpet foundation
  • Recommended if you have pets and allergy
  • Long cord (30 ft) and lightweight (16 lbs)
  • 7 years limited warranty

Shark APEX Duoclean AX951 pros and cons


  • Low noise upright vacuum with most advanced features
  • The Duoclean brushroll is the greatest design with the highest performance on any surface type from tile to high pile carpets
  • Wonderful filtration system – an advanced completely sealed air with HEPA to give 10X more than HEPA
  • Great swivel steering, great pet tools and very long warranty time


  • No automatic cord rewind
  • A bit pricey when compared with a normal unit with normal value and noise level

2. Miele Dynamic U1 cat and dog- German engineered upright unit

miele u1 dynamic cat and dog reviews


The Miele Dynamic U1 cat and dog is Miele most popular upright unit. One of the best parts about Miele Dynamic U1 is that it uses Vortex technology to create a massive airflow up to 140 CFM.

Unlike any upright vacuum cleaner, you have ever known, this unit has 2 motors, one main motor for suction power and a collateral motor for the brush system to give more air agitation.

This unit uses one of the best air filtration system: a combination of HEPA filter plus charcoal cassette (called Activeclean filter) that can absorb up to 99.97 percent of allergen size down to 0.3 microns for 12 months. The unit has a swivel neck for better maneuverability, a long 54 ft cleaning radius and a lot of on-board tools.

Highlighting benefits

  • Noise level: only under 70 dB
  • Massive airflow – up to 140 CFM
  • 2 motor system
  • HEPA plus charcoal filtration – best for users with asthma and pets at home
  • Work well for all surfaces from bare floors to deep pile carpet
  • Large dust bin capacity (5.45 quarts)
  • 7 years limited warranty

Miele Dynamic U1 cat and dog pros and cons


  • Silent upright unit with greatest suction power
  • Great unit for cleaning all surface types and home with pet hairs
  • Great filtration system includes HEPA plus charcoal cassette to reduce odors very well


  • Expensive
  • It is a bagged vacuum, therefore, you will have to spend extra bucks for buying bags
  • The design looks classic and it is a bit heavy

3. Sebo Automatic X4

best silent vacuum


“Sebo Automatic X4 – German legendary upright with the lowest noise level, built with precision quality. As it is designed for professional grade cleaning capacity, Sebo Automatic X4 can be considered as the best quiet commercial vacuum so far.”
Sebo Automatic X4 is an upright vacuum from German Sebo brand, which is famous by the S-class filtration system (S-class filtration -or hospital grade filtration level – capture 99.9 % dust and allergen size down to 0.3 microns by using electrostatically charged fiber materials, thus preventing the allergen to clog on the filter and increasing the life span of the machine more than HEPA). With this S-class filtration level, Sebo X4 is approved by British Allergy Foundation for users with asthma

The Sebo Automatic X4 has a great suction level (about 105 CFM, a bit lower than Miele Dynamic U1 but it is very powerful), it has automatic brush height adjustment to optimize for different floor types, low profile (3 1/2’’ only) so you can let it lay flat on floor to clean under sofa areas.

Highlighting benefits

  • Noise level – only about 66 dB
  • Strong suction – 105 CFM
  • Ergonomic design with low profile for reaching under furniture easily
  • Automatic brushroll adjustment for cleaning all surfaces from bare floors to deep carpet
  • Machine protection mechanism with automatic shut off when dealing with obstacles, clogged items
  • Special light indicators – for more visual
  • Easy Brush Removal and Cleaning
  • Protective Rubber-coated Wheels to protect wooden floors
  • 40 ft cord
  • 7 years limited warranty

Sebo Automatic X4 pros and cons


  • Sebo Automatic X4  is a well-known machine with trusted quality
  • Ergonomic design for cleaning better and ensure the machine quality over decades
  • Strong suction power and flexible with 40 ft cord
  • Super quiet when running
  • It can lay flat on the floor for cleaning under furniture
  • Super filtration system to reach S-class level
  • XL dust bag, great additional tools and very durable for decades


  • Expensive – Sebo machine price is similar to Dyson unit which can be a barrier to users
  • No automatic cord rewind, no variable suction control
  • The model looks classic therefore you might not love the appearance of the machine

4. Dyson V8 Absolute

best silent vacuum


“Dyson V8 Absolute – best cordless stick vacuum, lowest noise compared with all cordless design on the market. This is the best lightweight quiet vacuum cleaner”
Dyson V8 is the ultimate cordless stick vacuum that has all of the greatness that you can find in a cordless vacuum cleaner. The unit is extremely lightweight (only 5.8 lbs.), can run for more than 40 minutes, powerful suction, 2 suction modes and it is a rare cordless stick that has HEPA filtration. Dyson V8 is certified as asthma friendly by the Allergy Foundation of America.

Main benefits of Dyson V8 Absolute

  • Low noise – only about 70 dB, which is the lowest noise measured compared with similar models
  • Powerful performance – Dyson V8 has 150% more power on the brush bar than Dyson V6, longer run time (40 minutes on casual mode and 25 minutes when using with floor tools)
  • Extremely lightweight – only 5.8 lbs, lighter than Shark and Hoover rivals
  • HEPA filtration – best for users with pets and asthma
  • Large dustbin
  • A lot of attachments
  • Wall-mounting
  • Long warranty up to 5 years
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue when using as a handheld model

Dyson V8 Absolute pros and con


  • Extremely quiet when using which is only under 70 dB (Most of the cordless stick units are quite noisy with the noise range from above 80db)
  • Dyson V8 has 2 cleaner heads designed for cleaning bare floors and plush carpets. The one with bristle allows you to remove embedded pet hair out of carpets easily and the soft roller is a great addition to tile, sealed floor, and wooden floor cleaning
  • Extremely lightweight (5.8 lbs.) -if you compare with the V6 (only 5.3 lbs) it can be a bit heavier but it is a better model than V6 (more suction, longer runtime)
  • Extremely easy to use and smooth swivel – other cordless stick from Shark and Hoover has a stiffer swivel head than Dyson unit.
  • Easy to get under furniture and bedding due to its low profile design
  • It is the rare unit that has both sealed air system and HEPA – if you are looking for cordless unit with highest filtration level and low noise then Dyson V8 is the best option


  • Dyson V8 is an expensive model
  • Longer charge time (up to 4-5 hours for fully charged)
  • Battery is not removable type

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If you are looking for a quiet vacuum cleaner but still have powerful suction and versatility, let’s check our definitive guide where we analyze 30+ quietest vacuum cleaners in all design including canister, upright, cordless and corded unit to short-list to a few best silent units with great performance for your consideration
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