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Hoover and Shark are two popular brands that have highly recommended products for floor cleaning at low to mid price range.

When you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for home use which has a lot of features and lower price, then you might hit up a model of either Hoover or Shark.

Let’s compare some of the latest Hoover vacuum cleaner and Shark vacuum cleaner to see their pros and cons.

hoover vs shark

Hoover vacuum cleaners

Hoover has a wide spectrum of vacuum cleaners in all designs: corded, cordless, robot, stick, handheld, canister and upright models that cater all kinds of cleaning tasks for home use. The most recent vacuum models from Hoover brands are Hoover REACT cordless stick, Hoover REACT upright full-size and Hoover robot vacuum.

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Benefits of Hoover vacuum cleaners

Hoover offers the widest range of vacuum cleaners, and they often have discounts on their best sellers models. Besides, Hoover is very innovative to apply newest technologies into their vacuum cleaners to give the users the best features comparable to top leading brand but more affordable price.

Hoover most famous in cheap, affordable vacuum cleaners. The best seller of them is Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70120 which is just less than 100 bucks but super popular on the market.
hoover vs shark


Shark vacuum cleaners

Shark vacuum cleaner can be divided into 2 main types: full-size upright and ultra-light stick & cordless models. Shark vacuum cleaners receive highest positive response across all of their models. Shark sometimes has discounts on certain models and their newest models are Shark ion robotic cleaner, Shark Duoclean and Shark Ionflex upright model.

Benefits of Shark vacuum cleaners

Many Shark vacuum cleaners have the highest rating from thousands of consumers. Their products are comparable to Dyson in performance but generally, Shark is much cheaper.

Shark most popular vacuum unit with super high rating over years is Shark Navigator NV356E. Although there are newer models from Shark like Shark Apex Duoclean, Shark Ionflex 2X,.. but this model is still very favorable due to its super cheap price and ultimate performance.


Compare latest models from Hoover vs Shark

Important to decide which specific vacuum cleaner from Hoover or Shark is more suitable for you, let’s compare side-by-side their newest models.

Cordless: Hoover REACT cordless vs Shark Ionflex Duoclean cordless


Both models are newest cordless vacuum cleaner in 2017 which are designed to compete with the top leading model Dyson cordless (V7 and V8 version). Therefore, they all have a lot of similarities in machine design and main features. Both are cordless unit using a Li-on battery to deliver fade-free long running time. They can work as an upright vacuum for floor cleaning, a handheld unit for above floor cleaning. On the performance side, both models have big dust cup, a lot of flexible tools for difficult cleaning tasks and packed with a dozen of newest technologies for more convenience.

Differences between Hoover REACT cordless vs Shark Ionflex Duoclean cordless

The differences between Hoover REACT cordless vs Shark Ionflex Duoclean are all about the benefits of each model.

Hoover REACT cordless advantages

Hoover REACT cordless delivers a throughout cleaning for bare floor, low pile carpet and above floor cleaning such as upholstery, ceiling, window…

The model has an ergonomic design with easy-to-hold handle, fingertips control, wall mountable option.

This model comes with a lot of accessories for pet hair cleaning, hard-to-reach corner. The model is a bit cheaper than Shark Ionflex too.

Shark Ionflex Duoclean advantages

Shark Ionflex Duoclean has two most valuable benefits. First, the model has a special design for the wand that can be bent in the middle. Thanks to this design, when you need to clean under sofa and furniture, it gives better convenience.

Second, the model has a special brush head design for cleaning the carpet. The brush-head is incorporated with 2 brushes: a bristle brush for deep cleaning carpets and a soft-rolling brush for removing larger particles.

Therefore when it comes to clean deeper carpet, Shark Ionflex Duoclean can recover the dust and pet hair embedded deep down at carpet foundation.

However, Shark Ionflex Duoclean is more expensive than Hoover REACT.

  Hoover REACT cordless Shark Ionflex Duoclean cordless Verdict
Battery Li-ion

3 hour charge for 27 minutes running



Can upgrade another battery (2X) for double running time


3.5 hour charge for 23 minutes running time

Both models are somehow similar in battery use. While the Shark Ionflex is capable for upgrading another battery but it will cost more money.
Cleaning efficiency Floorsense technology to detect the dirt and floor type and auto adjust the brush speed.

Wind tunnel surge technology with cyclonic technology for capture the dust and pet hair better

Smart response technology for adjusting the vacuum suction power and brush speed. Both models have comparable technologies for giving optimal suction to different floor type (from bare floors to low pile carpet)
Air filtration Multi-cyclonic + rinsable foam Multi-cyclonic + rinsable foam Similar design. Both models do not have HEPA filter like Dyson V8 absolute
Dust cup capacity 3 dry quarts 0.62L Shark model has a bigger dust cup
Swivel and steerable head yes yes
Exclusive features Fingertip control

Connect to Hoover app

Wall mounting

Multiflex wand, capable to bend in the middle for under furniture cleaning

Duoclean technology for cleaning carpet deeper

Free standing No, but wall mountable Yes
Accessories Vary depending on models Vary depending on models
Weight 8.7 lb 7.3 lb
Warranty 3 years for motor 5 years for the unit ,2 years for battery
Price cheaper More expensive

Upright: Hoover REACT upright vs Shark Apex Duoclean


Both models share quite a lot of commons in motor power, dust filtration technology, dust capacity and dimension and weight. Therefore, we can expect that both models can be equal in terms of suction performance and air released quality.

Both models have a lot of advanced technologies for ultimate cleaning performance such as power-lifted system, HEPA filtration, sealed air system…

When it comes to cleaning efficiency, each model has its own pros and cons.


There are two biggest noticing differences. Shark Apex uses its Duoclean technology on the brush, therefore when cleaning carpet Shark model can recover more dust and pet hair embedded on the carpet.

On the other hands, Hoover REACT upright is cheaper than Shark Apex Duoclean.

If you do not have to clean carpet with a lot of dirt and pet hairs, then Hoover REACT will be a beneficial model in terms of performance and price.

Otherwise, if you need a deeper cleaning for carpets, then Shark Apex- the ultimate upright model of Shark brand.

  Hoover REACT full size upright Shark Apex Duoclean Powered lift-away upright Verdict
Motor power 11 amps 11 amps Both models use a similar motor power so we can expect the same suction power mostly
Brush design Floorsense technology

Double helix brushes

Duoclean brush

(bristle + soft brush)

Floorsense technology allow Hoover model to clean throughout the floor.

When cleaning carpet, Shark model shows more advantages because the use of both bristle brush and soft brush on the same unit

Air filtration 5 Cyclones N/a
Dirt filtering Sealed + HEPA Sealed +HEPA Somehow similar, both are friendly to people will asthma.
Noise level Low low
Tools Deluxe Crevice Tool

Dusting Brush

Flexible Dusting Brush

Powered Stair Tool

Anti-Allergen Dust Brush, Pet Multi-Tool, Duster Crevice, MultiFlex Under Appliance Wand, Accessory Bag
Cleaning path 13’’ 12’’
For pet owners yes yes
For high pile carpets no no
Exclusive features Powered lift system

Connect to Hoover app

Sealed allergen system

Duoclean brush

Active glide wheel

Noise reduction technology

Powered lift system

Both models are optional to remove the dust canister for cleaning under furniture easier
Dimension 12 x 13 x 44’’ 9.8 x 12 x 46’’
Weight 18 lbs. 16 lbs. Shark is a bit lighter
Dust cup 1.5 L 1.5 dry quarts Somehow similar
warranty 5 years 7 years
price Cheaper More expensive


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Hoover vs Shark - compare two famous brands
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