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Ecovacs DEEBOT N79s reviews

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79s – the most popular robot vacuum and very affordable. Is it the best option for your home when looking for robot vac around 200 bucks?

last update: 13th November 2018


Ecovacs DEEBOT N79s is the upgrade version of Deebot N79, by adding 2 important features of a robotic vacuum that are the max power mode to give extra suction for difficult cleaning tasks (like Roomba models) and N79s is now compatible with Alexa Voice. The addition of new features allows users to have more convenience when using the robot vac.

Deebot N79S reviews


Highlighting facts about Deebot N79s

If you do not know yet, Ecovacs Deebot N79 is one of the most popular robot vacuum on the market, with over 5+ million unit sold in more than 60 countries. Deebot N79 is best known for its affordable price (much cheaper than Roomba) and efficient cleaning.

The upgrade version Deebot N79s adds two important benefits but the price is still in the same range (it is 20 bucks more than the old version).

Deebot N79s and Roomba 690 share a lot of similarities such as reliable cleaning performance, wifi connection, two cleaning modes, low profile…but the Deebot N79s has longer run time compared to Roomba 690 (100 minutes vs 60 minutes). Roomba 690 is a bit more expensive than Deebot N79s.


deebot-n79s full reviews

Ecovacs is a well-known brand in robotic vacuum cleaner industry. This brand has a lot of series such as the Deebot M80 (M81, M82..), Deebot N95, Deebot R95, Deebot mini…among them, the Deebot N79 is the most popular choice over the years. In 2018, Deebot N79s is released as an updated version of Deebot N79 by keeping the same design, technologies and adding a few features for a better performance (Alexa voice control and Max suction mode).

Why Deebot N79s a good choice in 2018

  • At the price range around 250 bucks, there are several models from Ecovacs, Eufy, ILIFE, Xiaomi and Deebot N79 is the most popular unit so far. The Deebot N79s offers extra benefits which is a great substitution to the N79 version.
  • Roomba models are always more expensive than Deebot. At the same price range, Deebot N79s is more efficient (longer run time) than Roomba 690 unit.
  • Deebot N79s has 4 cleaning patterns (random, spot cleaning, edge cleaning and single mode) which targets different messes more effective
  • The unit has 2 settings – standard mode and max mode (50% extra suction power)
  • It has a long run time – up to 100+ minutes and this is very useful for the home with larger footage. The unit also has auto recharge feature for more convenience.
  • Low noise level is a great benefit of Deebot N79s (the noise is around 67dB -70 dB which is lower than a TV sound)

If you are looking for a unit at an affordable price, full features for cleaning bare floors and low pile carpets, Deebot is a trustworthy choice.

Technologies and specifications of Deebot N79

Low profile for cleaning hard-to-reach areas

Most of the robotic units these days should have a low profile (and large dust bin). The Deebot N79s height is only 3.1’’ which is convenient to go under the sofa, nightstands to pick up the ground-in dust and pet hair.

Long run time and auto-recharge feature

The unit has 100+ minute running time per charge (tested with standard mode on bare floors) which is sufficient for cleaning up to 1600 sq ft. After draining out of battery, Deebot N79s can find its docking station to automatically recharge so you do not need to worry forgetting charging the unit for next cleaning routine.

Designed for durability

The unit has anti-collision and anti-drop sensors, smart motion technology and soft bumper to keep the unit safe.

Dual helix brush roll for effectively removing dust on carpets

The Deebot N79s uses a dual helix brush for deep cleaning carpets. Deebot N79s is effective on low pile carpets. If you need to clean soft plush carpet with a robot vacuum, Ecovacs has another model called Deebot N95 which is designed for deep pile carpet cleaning.

Wifi- connection

Wifi connection is a useful feature for those who are busy. With Deebot N79s, you can schedule the unit, ask the unit to start and stop cleaning, check the status and location of the robot and more…


  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 3.1’’
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Suction power: 1000 Pa
  • Battery: Li-ion

Is Deebot N79s a right choice for you?

Deebot N79s is the upgrade version of the N79 model (one of the most popular choice)

Deebot N79s performs well on bare floor surfaces such as tile, ceramics, laminate and low pile carpet. Similar to most of the robot vacuum it can have a poor performance on dark areas and soft plush carpets

Deebot N79s deals with pet hair efficiently by combining 3 stage cleaning system, a strong suction power and a helix brush. You should pay attention to the brush as pet hairs tend to stick on it and you have to clean the brush often to achieve a throughout cleaning

Deebot N79s can clean thick carpet by applying this easy trick: use a piece of white tape or paper to cover the sensors on the bottom of the unit, then it will work on the thick carpet. Only do this if there is no drop-offs area when you are using this trick because the sensors are designed to protect the unit from falling off.

Deebot N79s can climb from floor to high pile are rugs with the highest bump is 1.2 centimeters.

cleaning performance of Deebot N79s in real test
cleaning performance of Deebot N79s in real test

Pros and cons of Deebot N79S

  • It is affordable, high performance and full features
  • It is reliable with a long tracking record
  • It is quiet when using
  • The downside of Deebot N79s is that this unit does not have auto-resume feature. Actually, this feature can only found on high price unit such as Roomba 960 model (which is 2-3X more than Deebot N79s)


Deebot N79s is the latest update from Ecovacs most successful model N79. The unit offers a great cleaning result, the model has a sleek design and the run time is very long. At this price range, Deebot N79s is a nice option if you are looking for a model with full features, efficient performance and high reliability.


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