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Compare Deebot N79S and Robovac 11c Pet robot vacuum

Compare Deebot N79S vs Robovac 11c Pet robot vacuum

last update: 14th November 2018


Early 2018, Ecovacs and Eufy (both are direct competitors in affordable robot vacuum cleaner industry) has released their updated genies based on their most popular models on the market. Ecovacs introduced Deebot N79s as the next generation of Deebot N79 and Robovac 11 is updated with Robovac 11c Pet edition.

Since the Deebot N79 and Robovac 11 are two most popular units at the affordable price, let’s compare these two models to figure out what will be the best choice for your cleaning demands.

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Compare Deebot N79S vs Robovac 11c Pet

Suction power

  • Deebot N79S uses a motor of 1000 Pa with 2 suction modes, 4 cleaning routine. The 1000 Pa motor is the standard for a robot vac to delivers efficient suction power for floor and low pile carpet cleaning.
  • Robovac 11c Pet uses a motor of 1200 Pa with automatically increased suction power, 4 cleaning routine.
  • Robovac 11c Pet shows a better suction power due to the fact that this unit uses a higher motor power and boost IQ technology

Winner of suction – Robovac 11c Pet

Performance on multiple floor surfaces

Both models are recommended for cleaning bare floors, low pile carpets mostly. Although they can be used for cleaning medium pile carpets, it is not the optimal choice. Both models are not suitable for dark color floors as the sensors can fail to recognize the floor/ dust

When transverse from floor to carpets

  • Deebot N79S has the max pump around 1.2 centimeters
  • Robovac 11c Pet has the max pump of 1.4 centimeters

It can be seen as a tie when dealing with multiple floor types

Optimized for pet owners

  • Deebot N79S uses a dual helix brush for removing pet hairs, dust on carpets
  • Robovac 11c Pet uses a less tangling brush and a HEPA for capturing the pet dead skin, allergens

Winner of picking up hair and filtration – Robovac 11c Pet

Noise level

Both models are super quiet when running when compared with Roomba.

Smart features

Both models are quite similar to smart features side such as wifi connection, app control, Alexa voice control, scheduling, checking status and intelligent components like sensors, boundary strips/ soft bumpers. They also have the same runtime and dustbin size.


Deebot N79S is cheaper than Robovac 11c Pet. Check price of the two models below


Deebot N79S is a better choice if you are looking for a lower price unit with similar cleaning performance. On the other hands, Robovac 11c Pet is better if you have pets at home thanks to its less tangling brush and HEPA filtration.

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