Best vacuum cleaner for long hair

best vacuum for long hair

The definitive guide for choosing a vacuum cleaner for long hair


When vacuuming the hardwood or carpets with a lot of long hair such as husky hair or human hair, the most common issue is that the hair will tangle into the brush bar or the hose end and cause clogging.

Removing long hair out of the vacuum brushes can be troublesome. Therefore if you are dealing with girt hair or pet hair especially on carpet, you should consider of a vacuum cleaner that is designed with tangle free cleaning capacity.

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Tips for cleaning carpets, rugs and bare floors with long hair

It is essential to broom the floor or carpet before vacuuming because it will help to remove a large amount of shed hair and protect your vacuum. You can use a rubber broom for carpet, or a stick mop roller to clean up the floor, carpet beforehand.

If you already have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the most convenient way is to attach a tangle-free turbine tool which is a unique vacuum cleaner attachment for picking up the long hair without being tangled. You should notice that this tool is compatible to most of the Dyson upright vacuum but not all models (for example, models before Dyson DC23 can’t be used with this tool, and Dyson DC24 is not compatible too).
best vacuum for long hair

If you have another vacuum cleaner that is not from Dyson brand, you should check for the brush roll if it can be turned off to prevent the tangling issue. This is a useful tip for cleaning the hardwood, bare floors with hairs but it is not the ultimate solution because when dealing with carpet or rug, you need to use the brush roll to remove debris and dirt at the carpet foundation, and not all upright vacuum cleaners are capable of brush roll shut-off.

If you are choosing a new vacuum cleaner and you have to deal with long hair that shed daily, you should choose models with big hose diameter (1 1/2’’ or 2’’) to avoid hose clogging and with self-cleaning brushes.

Other important features of a vacuum cleaner that will efficiently pick up long hair

Apart from the vacuum cleaner head design (tangle-free brush head or brush roll shut-up), there are still some other crucial features that you need to consider

The suction power of a vacuum

Normally, a vacuum cleaner with stronger suction will be better for removing pet hair, and so you need to look for the vacuum cleaner with strong suction power. There are some indications such as motor power (over 10 amps rating -110V), air watt (over 240 air watts) are quite sufficient for an upright unit.

HEPA filter

As you have long hair, dog hair or cat hair on the carpets or bare floors, there are likely many chances that you also have to deal with dead skin and allergen, therefore, a vacuum cleaner with a great filtration system is very important. The perfect air filtration system of a vacuum unit is HEPA filtration combined with sealed air technology which is often found in Dyson, Hoover or Shark models. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration will release cleaner air and it is therefore friendly to our health (HEPA filtration will capture dust and allergen at size lower than 0.5 microns)

Apart from suction power and filtration system, you should think of the machine weight that you are comfortable with, the design (bag/bagless), the maneuverability (cord/cordless), the swivel steering, the additional tools, the warranty and of course the price of the unit.

Best Shark vacuum cleaner for long hair, pet hair

The best-rated Shark vacuum cleaner for long hair is Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional model NV356E.
best vacuum for long hair

Highlighting benefits

  • It uses anti-allergen complete sealed technology + HEPA filter
  • It features the brush roll shut off for cleaning deeply the high pile carpet and bare floors and keep the vacuum cleaner free from long hair tangling
  • It has a super strong vacuum suction power (270 air watt)
  • It has swivel steering design, big dust cup size (2.2 dry quarts which are two-fold compared to other standard Shark Navigator unit), 30 ft cord and only 13.7 lbs which is very lightweight for an XL size upright vacuum cleaner.
  • It has a lot of attachments
  • It is a bagless unit so you will not need to spend any cost of buying the dust bag
  • It is chosen by nearly ten thousands users
  • It is very inexpensive
  • It comes with 5 years warranty

Best Dyson vacuum cleaner for long hair

The best rated upright unit for cleaning long hair from Dyson brand is Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum


Highlighting benefits

  • It is Dyson latest bagless, corded upright vacuum cleaner
  • It has a massive suction power (270 air watts)
  • It features HEPA filtration (this unit is certified for people with asthma)
  • It has the tangle free turbine tool which is the best attachment for cleaning long hair, dog hair, and human hair
  • The brush roll is self-adjusting so it won’t lose suction when transverse from one-floor type to another. This unit is best for the home with multi-floor (carpet, rug, vinyl, tile, wooden floor,..)
  • It has a big dust cup capacity (0.55 gallon – nearly 1.9 dry quarts)
  • It has long power cord (35 ft.), 5 years warranty

Compare Shark Navigator Lift Away NV356E vs Dyson Ball Animal 2

Both models are great options for home use especially when dealing with long hair so it is quite interesting to compare the Shark NV356E vs Dyson Ball Animal 2 so you can have a greater consideration.

Generally speaking, Shark NV356E appears to have similar performance (suction power, HEPA filtration, cleaning multiple floors, cleaning long hair, big dust cup size, 5-year warranty ) but it is lighter and cheaper than the rival. Besides, this model is also trusted and highly praised by nearly ten thousands users which is a very great indication on the machine’s quality and performance.

Dyson model, on the other hand, appears to be more expensive but it is the top tier model. It features the self adjusting brush head that you can move from rug to bare floor and the brush automatically adjust itself (Shark does not have). Besides, when dealing with fine dust, Dyson works better than Shark.

You can review two models specifications and features with the below table.

ModelShark Navigator Lift Away


Dyson Ball Animal 2
Suction power (air watt)270270
HEPA filtrationyesyes
Designed for long hairYes

Brushroll shut off


Tangle-free tool

For multifloorYesYes
Weight (lb)13.717.35
Dust cup (dry quart)2.21.9
Warranty5 years5 years
AttachmentHard Floor Hero, Pet Power Brush, Dusting Brush and 8 inch Crevice ToolTangle-free Turbine tool, stair tool, combination tool




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